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The continuous growth of the hospitality industry has created numerous job opportunities with rewarding career prospects. Many individuals decide to complete a postgraduate or an MBA degree in tourism and hospitality to gain access to a potential managerial career in the field. To manage a successful hotel requires comprehensive knowledge of various business disciplines, such as finance, accounting, leadership and operational management. Gain the necessary skills - Browse the list of Hospitality & Tourism programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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What do programs in hospitality & tourism offer?

Hospitality & tourism programs include a combination of academic and practical studies. Candidates will gain a insight into a wide spectrum of business theories to develop their innovative, analytical and entrepreneurial competencies. Real-life cases are often integrated in the curriculum to provide students with comprehensive skills, which can be directly applied in the working environment.

Apart from common business areas, programs in hospitality & tourism cover topics such as e-commerce, luxury services, entrepreneurship and real estate. Recently, a great emphasis has been put into studying the international hospitality industry, equipping candidates with the necessary skills to compete in the industry on an international level.

Core courses in hospitality & tourism programs

The topics covered in the programs prepare candidates for the hospitality business by providing them with relevant knowledge about the tourism environment and management. Throughout these courses candidates develop in-depth knowledge in strategy and marketing.

E-tourism, quality management, project and operation management are also important competences in hospitality & tourism. Students will also train communication skills to successfully manage daily presentations and intercultural negotiations.

Skills acquired throughout the program in hospitality & tourism

Qualities such as marketing, accounting, computer use and supervision determine a success in a hospitality industry despite the position. The programs in hospitality & tourism primarily focus on providing candidates with the skills crucial to deliver the best hospitality service possible.

Additional important aspects of hospitality & tourism programs are the managerial and leadership skills that they provide for candidates . Throughout the program candidates will constantly work with various projects that will develop their strategic and managerial skills enabling them to efficiently organize work, monitor finance and supervise others.

Exploring the career opportunities

The hospitality industry provides innumerable access to job opportunities world-. With a worldwide network of possibilities, professionals stepping into hospitality gain the unique opportunity to explore the world. Graduates of such programs can pursue a career in the hotel or restaurant businesses and work in various environments – from exotic resorts to urban districts.

A job in the hospitality & tourism industries provides individuals with plenty of opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world. An MBA in hospitality & tourism equips candidates with the crucial skills needed to coordinate and direct a variety of activities associated with the management of lodging facilities, ensuring a managerial position within their employing company.

Work in the challenging hospitality & tourism industry

The hospitality industry is a stable and fast-growing however, it requires creativity and hard work. In the tourism industry, each day at work is different – in terms of working hours as well as the task at hand. Candidates must have the ability to deliver an exceptional service to the clients by adjusting to ever-changing environment.

If you are action-orientated, have entrepreneurial ideas and are eager to improve the quality of services offered to customers – then hospitality & tourism is the industry for you!


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