Entrepreneurship Degrees

Postgraduate degrees in entrepreneurship are a popular choice among working professionals and students who have completed their undergraduate studies in business usually majoring in management and entrepreneurship concentrations. A postgraduate program in entrepreneurship, whether an MSc, MA or PhD,  opens up new career opportunities for graduates who are looking to start their own business or continue working in business development  positions.
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Why study entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the skill and risk-taking abilities possessed by an individual to start up a new business with the provision of start-up capital, resources and expert management in order to fulfill their business objective. In a broader sense, an entrepreneur is to organize their resources, co-ordinate and administrate the business venture with the given risk in order to make profits. In economical context, a role of an entrepreneur is to combine all the resources namely: land, labor, capital efficiently in order to make profits. An effective entrepreneur will be able to consider risks and move forward while bringing in innovation and dynamism into the business to gain competitive advantage domestically and globally.

Entrepreneurship programs at postgraduate level

These are specialized degree courses which can be attended by individuals of commerce background essentially and can also be suitable for non-commerce background students, if they wish to change educational direction.

Postgraduate entrepreneurship courses will provide candidates with tools and techniques to be an effective entrepreneur and cope up with the competitive business environment. Practical skills will be provided apart from just theories to teach abilities in critical decision-making, strategy building, financing, budgeting, and valuing which will be relevant to build a career as an entrepreneur.

Courses concentrate on contemporary issues relating to innovation management and entrepreneurship to recognize business opportunities and grasp them on time to gain advantage in the organization. In some of these courses, professional will receive booklets, notes and even free or paid. Actual requirements to successfully start up a business will be discussed in the course through the means of different projects. Building and expanding networks will be easier in taking these courses as interaction with various people will be available. Ideas from other people can be helpful as newer ideas may be generated from these people along with knowledge of other people’s experience. This will help prevent any mistakes they have made and improve and produce own techniques.

Format of the training programs

The degree programs offered by universities are usually one or two years long. Most of them are offered in traditional classroom settings while others are offered online. Online degree programs give professionals the flexibility to attend classes and exams at any time including the ability to revisit course materials.

Career prospects for professionals holding an entrepreneurship degree

These degrees cover a lot of basic business development knowledge requirements which are needed across several sectors other than the business industry. Therefore, career prospects and business opportunities are always high for individuals trained in this course. Apart from a career as a trained entrepreneur, an individual can opt for several other occupations. Some of these professional options are:

  •         Job in research and development sector
  •         Teacher
  •         Non-profit fundraiser
  •         Mid-level manager
  •         Work in sales
  •         Recruiter
  •         Business reporter
  •         Consultant in business

Entrepreneurship skills not only come in handy for individuals aspiring to set up their own businesses but also by professionals working in different corporate sectors by helping them understand the organizational functioning better and perform better.


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