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Last updated: 23 Sep 2016

MBA Scholarship Winner Announced

Last updated: 12/6/2017
Himanshu Kataria overcame the prejudices of the Indian caste system to make an unbelievable academic journey.Now he's ready for the next barrier-breaking stage in his career as a lifelong dream comes true.Himanshu is a recipient of the prestigious MBA scholarship awarded by, part of Educations Media Group - EMG.  As a teenager, Himanshu dreamed about pursuing higher education.
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4 Reasons to Choose an EMBA

Last updated: 9/23/2016

A common predicament among prospective MBA students is whether to aim for an MBA early in their career or to wait it out pursue an Executive MBA once their career has had time to mature. Read our top four reasons to choose an Execute MBA!

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Alternative Career Paths for MBA Graduates

Last updated: 9/21/2016

When you’ve got your sights set on doing an MBA, it can be difficult to see beyond the shiny corporate career at a prestigious Wall Street firm, especially when everyone around you is planning their direct route McKinsey.In very real terms, we're here to remind you that there is more to your MBA education than preparation for a traditional business career.

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How could UK Universities be affected by Brexit?

Last updated: 5/27/2016

On 23rd June 2016, the British electorate will vote on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union. The potential result of the vote has led to hundreds of hours of debate on how things might change if the UK, and one of the areas that has been subject to great discussion is the future of UK universities, and how it would affect the way they function.

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The 2016 MBA World Summit

Last updated: 11/5/2015

The 2014 and 2015 MBA World Summits were wild successes in bringing together the best and the brightest MBA candidates worldwide. For the 2016 event, promotions are underway and we can expect a turnout from the crème-de-la-crème of top business schools.

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When is it time for an MBA?

Last updated: 6/22/2015

If you want to make it big, doing an MBA is a crucial step in your career. An MBA is the key that unlocks your career's potential and for professionals that need the academic experience to back up the business experience that they have gained, an MBA provides a clear-cut path to developing your career.

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