Postgraduate Programs in the United Arab Emirates

Postgraduate degree programs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) open doors to careers across all sectors. These degrees provide an international and Arabic perspective on their respective field and produce graduates with the skills to bring global and middle eastern business together. Browse and compare postgraduate degree programs in the UAE. Find a program for you and contact universities in the UAE directly.
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Postgraduate Study Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates

Postgraduate degree programs in the UAE provide students with advanced knowledge in their area of interest. In addition to enhancing their professional expertise, postgraduate programs in the UAE prepare candidates for a career in the UAE or in multinational organizations abroad. 

Postgraduate studies are usually done as the final stage of an academic career and open opportunities to enhance expertise, gain marketable skills and make connections with others working in an industry. In the United Arab Emirates, postgraduate degrees help professionals make it into key industries which require an advanced set of technical skills, and get ahead of the competition in others. 

Professional Opportunities in the UAE 

The UAE economy is primarily dominated by the production and export of oil. As the UAE is home to the seventh-largest oil reserve in the world, the opportunities for growth in this sector of the UAE economy are great. 

The country is known for its luxurious lifestyle, diversified culture and established infrastructure. The UAE is a favorite destination for tourists from different corners of the world, thanks to the presence of highly established transportation, infrastructure, historic places and free business markets. The country also has the most developed and diversified economy in the GCC.

The academic sector in the UAE offers graduate and post-graduate degrees in a number of subjects. With business at center stage in the UAE, higher studies in the business disciplines are a popular choice for prospective students. Programs are also available in the arts and technical sciences, such as medicine, engineering and manufacturing to business and commercial education programs.

Postgraduate and Professional Education Opportunities

Medicine and healthcare postgraduate degrees are popular in the UAE and are available in a Masters format. These include MBBS, BDS, surgery, general medicine and orthodontics specializations. Other public health care professional degrees in biomedical engineering, general public health management are also available. Professionals willing to practice medicine and other areas of healthcare in the UAE must obtain licenses which need to be regularly upgraded. Doctorate degrees in medicine are common for academic professionals in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Technical postgraduate studies, such as Master's in engineering and information technology, are popular in the UAE. Masters of science degrees in manufacturing, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, architectural and software engineering are also commonly pursued. 

Postgraduate studies in business and commercial sectors include specialized masters in subjects, such as finance, accounting and general management. Some common master’s degrees and doctorate degrees offered in the business specializations in the UAE are:

  •         MSc in Finance (corporate, computational and qualitative) (PhD specializations also available)
  •         MSc in Accounting
  •         MSc and doctorate in general management

MBAs and executive degrees in management and business specializations are common for professionals in the corporate sector. Some common formats of such programs are full-time MBA, part time MBA and accelerated MBAs.

Why postgraduate education?

Many professions, such as the medicine or business accounting fields, require continuous professional development. Postgraduate studies contribute to professional development on both a micro and macro level. Postgraduate degree programs address the long-term need for specialized skills, while short postgraduate diplomas help professionals top-up their knowledge and remain up-to-date.

In the corporate world, postgraduate industry-level qualifications are a must for a specialists. For academic lecturers and professors, doctorate and postdoctoral degrees are essential for climbing up the hierarchy of educational institutions. Postgraduate degrees also expand opportunities for R&D sector in pharmaceuticals, medicine, manufacturing and production companies.

Career Prospects for Professionals in the UAE

Many multinational companies run their Middle Eastern operations held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As financial and business hubs for the United Arab Emirates, Ab Dhabi and Dubai are prime locations for businesses and students working on postgraduate degrees. Professionals with postgraduate degrees in finance, accounting and general management are employed across different multinational banks, corporations and FMCGs operating in the UAE.

The UAE has a highly modern infrastructure and has abundant professional opportunities for advancing careers in varied fields of economy ranging from healthcare and banking to business and manufacturing. Pursuing postgraduate studies in the UAE can prove beneficial for professionals in terms of networking, professional development and living standards.


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