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The Modular MBA

Modular MBAs offer the unique ability to study an MBA in a way that is both flexible and customisable. Students of modular MBAs can create their own curricula, pace out their studies and complete an MBA, without sacrifice to work of personal commitments.  Begin a modular MBA today - browse a list of modular MBA programs below and request information to contact business school admissions directly.
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More about Modular MBA Programs

Modular MBA Programs

Modular MBA programs in Business Administration and other areas are becoming exponentially popular in business schools, mostly due to the demand of the modern professional for a flexible alternative to the full-time MBA. As business administration skills become increasingly essential in the workplace, entrepreneurs, executives and industry professionals turn to the modular EMBA for a quality MBA education, without sacrifice to their work or personal lives.

A great number of top business schools across the world offer modular MBAs in one form or another, to benefit working professionals. Modular MBAs allow participants to become on-campus residents at business schools during weekends or in one-week or two-week long periods at a time. These residencies are typically full time and held over a time frame of two years or less.

The Flexibility of a Modular MBA

While many schools opt for fully modular MBAs, it is common that business schools design mixed modular MBAs, which combine the traditional MBA curriculum with modular courses that add flexibility and customized curricula. A few schools opt for fully modular programs. Regardless of format, all such programs are meant to be flexible and allow professionals the opportunity to take their careers to new heights.

Types of Modular MBAs

Business schools offer Modular MBAs with a vast flexible menu of specializations, including Public and Private Module, Business and IT modules, marketing in a Digital World, Financial Management, Operations Management and International Business Environment. The culmination of all modular courses results in a varied and often specialized Executive MBA degree.

Modular MBAs in Business Administration are particularly popular among students and the best programs conducted are fully accredited. Professional delegates pursuing a business administration degree, for instance, will usually pursue courses in leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, global business, operations and finance taught by top academics and industry experts. Taking up a modular program in business administration in lieu of a full-time program can help to reduce the course abandonment that is common with working professionals aiming to further their education and management skills.

Benefits of Modular MBAs

The greatest advantage of a modular MBA is that it allows flexibility for executives to pursue continuing education while they work. Accordingly, these programs are designed for executives that are able to juggle their professional and personal lives while simultaneously earning their Executive MBA. Entrepreneurs can pursue business administration modules while working on their start-ups. Participants can often create their own modular program, picking from accredited modules depending on their interest. During the periods of less contact, course takers are prescribed assignments and reading to keep in touch with their subject. Further, some business schools expose participating delegates to an international ambience by organizing a few of the week long residencies in foreign campuses. Alternately, some of the best business schools fly their top class faculties to several campuses across the world. This helps the students forge valuable new contacts with reputed academics and professionals and garner international experience. Participants are awarded their degree when they have completed all the modules and have added new knowledge and skills to their professional repertoire.


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