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MBA programs and executive masters in business administration in Thailand continously gain more popularity among young entrepreneurs and alredy acknowledged managers. As part of the grand economically developed Asian region, Thailand updates its business potential via international business networking, social work partnerships and international trade. Business education in Thailand benefits from the cosmopolitan interface of the country, its efficiency-driven state policies and the tremendous human potential of the area. Select an MBA program, executive degree or doctoral studies track in a Thai business school. Seize the local networking opportunities and the excellent academic premises in Thailand.
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More about MBA Programs in Thailand

Economic development premises in Thailand

Wat Chalong temple in ThailandThailand's economy is synchronized with the accelerated growth trend specific to the bigger South-Asian region. Thailand's economic and international relations with countries on all continents enabled a positive appreciation of the local financial markets, such as Bankok's. The international trade and the local natural resources benefit national economic sectors like manufacturing, the textile industry and especially agriculture.

The business environment of Thailand is in close cooperation with the education system, given the local incentives for investment in research and development. Research institutions and business school cooperate with large business ventures in providing education to competent and successful managers, able to develop new business ideas in the global environment.

MBA and Executive Education in Thailand

Admission to business schools in Thailand matches the Asian competitiveness standards. Candidates are selected based on their prior academic qualifications, practical management expertise and performance in a leading management position. The international orientation of business schools in Thailand aligns the MBA curricula with the global MBA education.

The training modules for MBA and executive education programs include general management courses, leadership development, finance, business law and international marketing. The electives curriculum is also vast and allows the candidates to tailor their education to their future business prospects.

Executive programs accommodate the professional needs of the candidates, thus allowing them to pursue a career in parallel. Field work or internships are usually part of the business administration programs in Thailand - an aspect which stresses once more the importance of practical applications at this education level.

Cultural explorations in Thailand

Thailand is a country that fascinates travellers and business professionals arriving here for conventions or symposiums. The cultural heritage associated with the Buddhist religion, the preservation of the royal residencies and the impressive temples invite to an in-depth exploration of the South Asian culture.

Business professionals who want to improve their entrepreneurial vision with more local insight choose to add Thai language courses to their training curriculum. Not only it improves the overall business experience, but it also enables a smooth integration into the local culture and a close contact with the people's traditions and history.


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