Business Programs in Sweden

Sweden's strong economy with a focus on innovation attracts business professionals interested in executive education and young graduates with innovative ideas for the contemporary business environment. MBA programs in Sweden incorporate theoretical insight in the governance of resources and modern business applications for the global economy environment. Sweden's competitiveness in the global landscape is granted by innovation-driven state policies and cutting edge technologies available, which are equally reflected in education and the business climate. Request information to find out MBA program details and get in touch with admissions.
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MBA Programs in Sweden

Business administration studies offered in Sweden follow an international curriculum and practical training in business for the global market. The mandatory curriculum typically includes training in general management, business law, corporate communications, finances etc. The elective curriculum leaves a wide choice to the candidates, who can tailor their study to their prior business experience or career prospects. Studies of business administration are offered both at full-time and part-time pace and allow a flexible interaction with the business environment of the hosting country.

The business climate in Sweden

The business environment in Sweden is shaped by the high density of multinational companies and one of the high per capita GDP in the world.

The living standards in Sweden are influenced by the technological readiness of the country, and the latest technologies available for the broader public. The national currency, the Swedish krona (SEK), offers stable grounds for exchange in relation to Euro and other currencies.

The market stability in Sweden attracts an increasing number of foreign investors in industries like the ICT, retail or the automobile industry.

Sweden's steady economic advancement is enabled by efficient corporate branding, the policies of protection of minority's shareholders' interests and the firm-level technology absorbtions - indicators on which Sweden ranks 1st in the Global Competitiveness Index of 2012.

University education in Sweden

The Swedish state's high spending in education as a percent of the national GDP is reflected in lower tuition fees as compared to the rest of Europe or the United States. Business schools in Sweden preserve the competitive profile of the country and enable their candidates to experience several cultures of business during their study. The programs include field work, projects and internships in countries with recent business growth, like China.

Executive education and professional growth

University cities with excellent programs in business administration attract experienced business professionals who want to consolidate their training with insight from one of the most competitive national economies. The business sophistication in Sweden values investment in research and development (R & D) and offers real prospects for multinational companies' expansion in all industries relying on cutting edge technological research.

The candidates testimonials reflect the country's reliance on professional management and the leaders' critical thinking, risk-awareness and creativity. Thus, executive education Sweden provides excellent networking opportunities which can develop into business partnerships on the spot.

A cultural exploration of Scandinavia

The landscapes of the Northern Europe, the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights are a fascination for all tourists in Sweden. University cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Lund are islands of diversity, bringing together students and professionals from all over the world. The host country's openness towards novelty and cultural exchange make the study time in Sweden a valueable life experience, in academic and practical aspects.


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