Sports Management

Sports management is essentially a business focused program for professionals looking to further their career in the larger sector of sports functioning and managing large scale events. Professionals can choose from being at the front office or back end operations. An MBA always improves chances of surviving in the competitive job market and helps candidates market their soft skills in management and tangible accounting skills. Request information to get into touch with admissions officers at universities and begin your journey!
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Sports Management MBAs in Germany

Germany, one of the most prolific countries in terms of professional and economic growth in Europe, is widely known for its sports, cultural diversity and recreational activities. It is a country with great passion for arts, sports, sciences and music. Several professionals come here to further their careers in sports and management opportunities in this area. Training courses, executive education and managerial qualifications are available for graduates to venture into this extravagant and financially rewarding career.

Germany: A field of opportunities

Germany is widely known around the world for its world class sports teams in football and for being world champions in FIFA for considerable number of times. It is almost a custom in Germany to be associated with one or many clubs in football owing to the popularity of the sport in the country. Popular leagues that the country participates in are FIFA and UEFA European Championship. Some of the most popular sports in the country are water sports, volleyball, handball, ice hockey, boxing, tennis, horse riding and swimming. Training is available in the respective fields for all.

Sports management and essentials

This profession is about the management and marketing of the sports and recreational activities and learning about the operational efficiencies in the field. Professionals going for these qualifications come from a diverse array of professional backgrounds including sportsmen, managers and business backgrounds. The career choices vary from front office job titles to professional coaches, managers, project managers, event managers, sports marketers, sponsors, facility managers, financers and analysts. An MBA in sports management usually covers the essentials of sports and other essential business functionalities associated with it such as marketing, management, finance, advertising and event management. The professionals seeking these qualifications can find vast opportunities in professional programs like NBA, NFL and MLB.

An MBA in sports management has a variety of concentrations to choose from and covers important contents like:
• Management essentials
• Organizational behavior
• Managerial accounting
• Interpersonal skills
• Negotiation skills
• Quantitative business methods
• Business Law
• Sports essentials
• Industrial law and regulations

MBA Program Format in Germany

MBAs are usually taught in traditional two year formats depending on the interests and skills of the attending candidates. Some universities in Germany even provide one year MBA programs for experienced professionals looking to gain academic knowledge with corporate exposure. Some of the universities even offer programs in online materials to accommodate for the busy professionals who get the flexibility to attend classes anytime, anywhere and revisit materials at their convenience. Germany, being a strong economic and popular force on the world map, can provide immense career opportunities for professionals looking to gain international standard education in management and professional opportunities in sports management.


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