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Business study programs in Shanghai, including MBA, Executive MBA and postgraduate studies open numerous career development opportunities for students who wish to explore the growing business environment of China. International students with professional business experience can enhance their career prospects by studying in one of today's most dynamic economic environments. Browse the list below, compare business schools and MBAs in Shanghai and decide where to send your application for the next admission round.
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More about MBA Programs in Shanghai

Shanghai as a dynamic and multicultural centre for education offers business studies is an absolutely gratifying destination. The exquisite Chinese culture as a basis for multi-culturally pursuing your MBA, regardless of whether it is an Executive MBA or a postgraduate business degree.

With comprehensive curricula and diverse business focuses, MBA programs delivered at Shanghai business schools are always a step ahead in combining all aspects of business administration and management training. Shanghai universities boast of language partners, class field trips and guest speakers from corporate partnerships and career development opportunities. The Executive MBA studying environment has also been enhanced by providing professionals with student loans and incentives to encourage enrollment. Business schools, universities institutions as well as the government have separately or jointly organized scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate applicants who wish to study in Shanghai.

Who should apply for an MBA in Shanghai?

Enrolling for an MBA or Executive MBA in Shanghai is an attractive option to young professionals from around the world. Studying for an Executive MBA while employed in Shanghai is an attractive option, preferred by numerous working professionals who wish to gain an executive level degree. Working in the city is a privilege as Shanghai is the hallmark of China's thriving economy.

Being a business intern is even more advantageous as Shanghai gives you first-hand experience on business skills mixed with modern technology. This world class business centre will always have something to present to any Executive MBA student. Business schools with reputable recognition include China Europe international school which is ranked among the top 30 business schools worldwide. It offers MBAs, Executive MBAs among other postgraduate courses.

Career Prospects after Graduation

Alumni career progression predicts excellent and encouraging prospects for new generations of students. With an expanding base of international collaborations, with academic and corporate partners from all continents, business schools in Shanghai encourage innovative business thinking and creative idea generations. Salary increase upon graduation proves the great management and leadership potential of the Shanghai MBA graduates. Lecturers and professors from these business schools are academic authorities in their respective fields, who have been selected for various positions in the postgraduate schools according to their capabilities and long-term academic experience. Additionally, the universities and business schools in employ cultural methods to ensure that candidates' career goals are met.

Exploring Shanghai as an MBA student

There are numerous opportunities to explore the cultural dimension of Shanghai City while studying as an MBA student at one of the business schools in the area. The hospitality of the city is not one to resist and completing your postgraduate studies in Shanghai will greatly enrich your cultural awareness. Studying for an MBA in Shanghai will ultimately help you gain global business perspectives on one side while enjoying a different culture and travelling to historical sites, museums, and natural sites and parks on the other.


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