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Business Studies for the Oil & Gas Industry

MBA programs, executive education and Masters of Science specialized in Oil & Gas are targeted at professionals with practical business experience in the petroleum industry or who want to work in association with partners in the resources exploration sector. The general aim of the Oil & Gas MBA curricula is to improve candidates' skills and knowledge of project and program management, supply chain management relevant to the Oil & Gas sector and develop their leadership skills for a competitive presence in the business arena. Select an MBA program, EMBA or postgraduate business degree specialized in Oil & Gas and improve your practical business experience in this industry sector with guidance from academic experts worldwide. Expand your business on new grounds and use experienced leaders' recommendations.
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MBA Study Track and Applied Business Projects

Oil & Gas - MBA programs and Masters of ScienceThe MBA study initiatives and the professional interested in Oil & Gas industry developments merge in academic curricula with great applicability in today's economy. Beyond the hot spots of the exploration sector, the management of Oil & Gas natural resources and derivatives influences the pace of global affairs. Business administration studies specialized in the petroleum industry are designed to improve the awareness of the natural resources scarcity and management and develop a risk-aware business culture.

In addition to industry-specific knowledge and leadership skills, MBA programs will cover general business and management knowledge that follows the recent market insight on the global economy and the tendencies of competitive businesses in this sector. Experienced trainers and academics devote their expertise to helping candidates achieve higher competitiveness in their company's strategy and improve their potential for business development accross borders.

Country-specific industry applications

National economies whose great production relies on the oil and gas sector are permanently looking for professionals ready to meet the business challenges of this sector. Due to the expansion of this industry far beyond the exploration platforms and the emergence of transnational markets, academic and professional training in the petroleum industry became a hot topic both in academia and on professional markets.

Some of the important exploration platforms of oil resources are located in the Middle East , which makes MBA destinations such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai extremely popular. In Europe, the United Kingdom is an influent player in this sector, with 60 % of population's energy needs met by the local resources of oil & gas. At the global level, producers and corporations based in the United States have set the business standards of the transnational Oil & Gas affairs and driven a large number of operations worldwide.

Master of Science degrees specialized in Oil & Gas

Alternative graduate level education tracks relevant to the oil & gas industry are Masters of Science or applied research programs. The study program covers topics such as strategic operations, supply chain operations management, logistics, international trade, total quality assurance and Lean thinking. The management of energy resources - predominantly the oil & gas products refinement - and market delivery are under focus throughout these applied programs.

Candidates who have already earned a graduate level degree in business or management may apply to research-intensive programs in Oil & Gas Management. Doctoral Studies in Business Administration, DBA or PhD programs, leave a great deal of choice to candidates who want to advance business models in practice and test the business performance in terms of quality standards and sustainability.


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