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MBA Programs in Italy

MBA Programs in Italy

Business administration studies in Italy

In the European business landscape, Italy's competitive economy attracts investors and cultural explorers that design new business strategies tailored to the Italian market. MBA programs and executive masters offered in renowned university cities like Bologna, Rome, Milan or Napoli offer a broad curriculum in business administration and international cooperations with universities in Europe and beyond.

Select an MBA program offered by an Italian business school or choose an international Masters program in business administration with a semester abroad in Italy. Enhance your business portfolio and academic training in a vibrant community with excellent entrepreneurial potential.

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MBA in International Business
MIB School of Management
1 year
From 25,000 EUR
Now in its XXVII year , this  MBA in International Business is a 12 month, full-time , English-taught program, offering...
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Rome Business School
14 months
From 15,000 EUR
Multiple (2)
The Rome Business School's MBA program offers managers and professionals a pathway to developing the expertise and advanced competencies expected...
Global MBA - Food & Wine
Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
1 year
The Global MBA in Food and Wine is designed to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who will drive growth and internationalization...
Global MBA - Green Energy & Sustainable Businesses
Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
3.0 (1)
1 year
The Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses is aimed at young managers who are interested in the challenges...
Global MBA - Corporate Finance
Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
1 year
The Global MBA in Corporate Finance is designed to train managers specializing in corporate finance with a strong orientation towards...
Global MBA - Design, Fashion & Luxury Goods
Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
1 year
The Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods aims to strike a balance between creativity and business in the...
Global MBA - Innovation Management / Mechanics & Automation
Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
1 year
The Global MBA in Innovation Management/ Mechanics & Automation was developed with the aim of bringing frontline innovation to the...
Displaying 1-7 of 7 results

More about MBA Programs in Italy

Business and Education in Italy

VeniceItaly's economic competitiveness on the global market and the innovation-driven governmental framework invite many foreign investors. Italy is an important economic player in the European area and an active voice in the decision-making process for the European Union.

University education in Italy has one of the longest traditions in Europe. The European education initiatives adopted in the Bologna convention of 1999 made the Italian city the home place of Western university education. Business administration programs in Italy follow the international curriculum, while the training institutions increasingly concentrate in developping partnerships with universities abroad.

MBA Programs

The MBA programs in Italy include the standard training modules in business administration, in areas of general management, communication and leadership. In addition, the large elective curriculum leaves many open choices to the candidates. The competitive admission to an MBA program requires applicants a strong academic preparation and practical experience in the business branch they want to build their career on.

MBA programs offered by the Italian business schools match the country's strong economic profile in industry areas like the design, fashion and luxury goods, automobile industry or tourism management. Choosing one of these programs the applicants will gain practical experience on the Italian market and get a sense of the local business ethics and work values.

Masters of Science in Business-related fields

In addition to the MBA programs, the Italian schools offer Masters programs in business-related areas, like finance, strategic project management or chain supply management. The research focus of the MSc programs, as compared to the MBAs, make them more suitable for young entrepreneurs who want to gain a theoretical insight on business strategies and successful administration models.

Executive education in Italy

Executive masters (EMBA) in Italy invite experienced leaders to devote their knowledge to create innovative strategies  and apply them in the area. Typically, executive education is offered at part-time study pace, leaving open all the career options for their candidates.

Language training for business

For a better interaction with the local investors, language courses in Italian are the perfect introduction to the Italian dolce vita. Learning the Romance language closest to its Latin roots you will improve your cultural experience in the region. The great networking potential offered by an MBA study program in Italy is greatly enhanced when being able to negotiate directly with local partners. An in-depth exploration of the Italian market and a good understanding of the local values improve the prospects of your business venture.

Cultural premises

Italy is a place of multicultural interaction, famous for its welcoming and dynamic people, cuisine and  impressive heritage. Icons of the Renaissance in architecture, painting, music preserve its aura of latinity. The heritage of the Roman Empire makes Italy the country with the highest density of UNESCO monuments.

The Italian lifestyle as reflected in cities like Rome, Milan or Venice appeals through eclectism and the people's passion for novelty. Italian landscapes and beaches enrich the living experience and inspire creative solutions for business and the everyday life.


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