MBA in Sports Management programs

MBA in Sports Management

The professional sports industry is so much more than simply a game. Successful teams and athletes rely on business specialists and highly trained professionals, who are vital to the world of sports entities. These individuals are responsible for the behind the scenes business that make sporting events possible. MBA programs in sports management will give delegates the tools they need to manage sports teams, organizations athletes and sporting brands. MBA programs with a sports management specialization may vary between business schools, but the general aim of all Sports MBA programs is to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge needed to effectively and successfully work with the business of sports. Individuals looking to work in the area of sports entertainment should consider pursuing an MBA in sports management, for a priceless career advantage in a highly competitive and exciting industry. Please observe the list of top sports MBA programs located around the world below. Request more information to receive a list of program tailored to your specific needs.
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More about MBA in Sports Management programs

MBA programs in Sports ManagementThe success of a sports team is no longer only dependent on the athletes who play on the field. Now, more than ever, this multi-billion dollar industry relies on skilled and educated individuals to plan and coordinate the business that enables the sporting industry to operate. Sports organizations are multifaceted businesses that incorporate athlete relations, event planning, contracts, facilities, licensing and legality, and branding. If you are passionate about both sports and business, perhaps you should consider participating in a sports management MBA program to launch an exciting career in the business of professional sports.

The primary objective of an MBA in sport management is to develop individuals to become future sport executives and business professionals. Programs in sport management offer students the ability to learn basic and advanced theories in the business areas such as management, marketing, finance, economics, and accounting, while combining specialized topics in sport management. Obtaining an MBA in sports management allows individuals to become top-notch managers and executives who are practitioner-oriented and experienced with the unique elements of sports management. 

Sports Management MBA Curriculum

The curriculum for a sports management MBA will concentrate on areas and courses tailored to give the participants knowledge in the sports industry in order to meet the demands of this nascent area of business. Specifically, courses include sports marketing, sports economics, sports business management and sports law. MBA programs in sports management are designed to combine tradition MBA elements with a curriculum that emphasizes the business of sport.

Study Plans & Schedules

MBA programs in sports management are offered in various study plans to fit a variety of schedules. Prospective students may choose to study in a traditional, in classroom full-time program, or a part-time program, which enables participants the continue working at their respective organizations. Additionally, there are highly popular distance learning or online MBA programs. Distance learning programs allow individuals to obtain an MBA degree by attending online seminars and courses. Regardless of schedule or personal obligations, there is a MBA program to fit your specifications and needs.

Traditional MBA or MBA in Sports Management - Which is right for me?

A Traditional MBA program and an MBA in sports management differ in the amount of specialized courses in the area of sports the program contains. A traditional MBA program requires the individual to complete course work in a variety of areas concerning business administration. Thus, allowing the individual to gain employment in a number of different industries. An MBA that is specialized in sports management allows students to customize their coursework to better fit an interest in the area sports entertainment.

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