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MBA in Operations Management

Operations Management is the management process of assuring all the business functions and activities within an organization are achieved with the highest efficiency. Managers at the top level in the corporation are in charge of assuring all the employees utilize time and resources effectively. Many professionals with a knack for perfection and detail earn MBAs in this business function to lead organizations in their delivery and execution processes. Browse courses and programs and request information to start your journey.
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What is the demand like for Operations Management?

Professionals working in this sector are highly regarded and demanded, owing to the competitive nature of the business world and the direct impact they can have on a company’s profit. These programs give the employers an idea of the expertise in converting useful resources of the organization to final products and services.

Earning an MBA in Operations Management

An MBA in Operations Management is necessary for professionals working in the delivery, production and supply chain sector in order to further their knowledge in the most up-to-date business concepts around operations. Operations management is a vital business function in many economic sectors including pharmaceuticals, medicine and health care, factories, manufacturing, marketing, consulting and financial services. Professionals working in various fields can opt for these programs after gaining significant amount of experience in their respective fields.

Majors in Operations Management

The concentration in MBA can be broadly divided into two categories: service operations and manufacturing operations. This profession requires a lot of perfection, dedication, experience and interpersonal skills. Some of the most important concepts covered in this area are:
• Design
• Layout
• Services optimization
• Resource planning
• Statistics and data usage
• Engineering
• Supply chain concepts
• Innovative distribution and management policies
• Lean Operations
• Six Sigma and Quality Control

Skills earned through an MBA in Operations Management

Business all over the world is becoming highly technical and specific in terms of delivery, communication and processing. Business schools and training institutes emphasize on candidates to develop skills that will help them stand out in a competitive job market. Some of the crucial skills to gain from MBA in Operations Management are customer understanding (ultimately they are getting the service), effective communication (the importance of good business communication skills cannot be undermined), financial understanding (resources are limited and money drives the organizational decision making) and interpersonal skills (a supply chain manager or operations supervisor has to motivate his/her employees constantly for better efficiency in executing their work).

Benefits: Career options and advantages

Advanced degrees in operations management can help practicing professionals to earn job titles like business consultant, operations manager, industrial production manager, supply chain manager, inventory control manager and logistics manager. In today’s business scene, having an MBA is more or less mandatory owing to the saturated job market and competition. An MBA opens doors to the dynamic corporate world in an academic and professional way. It provides immense networking opportunities for experienced professionals and ambitious graduates. It prepares candidates for the business world in a very effective way by conducting regular workshops, seminars, career camps and lecture sessions to help candidates gain analytical, statistical, decision-making and research skills.


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