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Joint Master of Engineering Management / MBA program

Northwestern University: Kellogg, In Chicago, Illinois
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Program description

MBA program from Northwestern UniversityThe MMM Program is a dual-degree program that integrates management, operations and design, from concept to execution.

Students participating in this MMM program at Northwestern University learn a systems approach to managing a company: “design thinking” to develop products and services that are innovative and customer-focused, and “process thinking” to eliminate operational waste in production and delivery. This unique combination of skills permits MMM graduates to take a total view of a company’s products and services.

Application and Admission Requirements

In the selection process, the Admissions Committee evaluates the applicant's scholastic ability, personal character, motivation, leadership ability, interpersonal skills, career performance and management potential.

The Committee reviews the personal essays, academic record, GMAT score, TOEFL score (if applicable), Career Progress Survey, resume and evaluative interview report to assess each applicant's candidacy compared to the overall pool of applicants. The Committee highly values full-time professional experience. Work experience adds to maturity and career- and self-awareness, which contribute to a student's success.

Single Application Process

Although MMM students are admitted to both the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering, they only need to go through a single application process, managed by Kellogg School of Management Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Advantages of the MMM program

  • A flexible and integrated program of study which allows students to major in operations or design in the MEM program and any business major they choose
  • Opportunities to apply classroom lessons to real-world organizations: the MMM Integration Project, MMM Entrepreneurship Program, Global Initiatives in Management, New Product Innovation Fair, and company visits
  • A shared experience with peers in the Kellogg School’s full-time MBA program in the classroom and through student government, student-led conferences, extracurricular clubs, and other leadership opportunities
  • Outstanding career opportunities in numerous functions within a variety of industries including consulting, investment banking and financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology, and consumer packaged goods
  • Access to both the MMM and the Kellogg School alumni network
  • A partnership with the MMM Advisory Board comprised of industry leaders from companies that hire MMM graduates, fund research and participate in integration projects

Degree and diploma etc.

MMM/MBA program from Northwestern UniversityMMMs receive two degrees with one set of curricular requirements in just two years: the Master of Business Administration from Kellogg and the Master of Engineering Management from McCormick. They enjoy all the advantages of a Kellogg MBA and a mastery of key topics in operations and design from McCormick, one of the country’s leading engineering schools. Within the MBA curriculum, students can choose business majors including finance, marketing and strategy. The MEM curriculum offers a major in Design and Operations.

Northwestern University: Kellogg
2001 Sheridan Rd
IL 60208 Evanston

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