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Business administration studies in Finland

The performance-orientation of Finland's economy and the innovation drive bringing together the industry and the research sectors make the MBA programs in Finland increasingly popular. Business administration degrees at the graduate and executive level offered by Finnish institutes merge the practical approach of business learning with  successful leadership scenarios from the global environment. Applicants to business degrees in Finland use the country's potential for innovation to develop competitive ventures and new approaches to general management. Find MBA programs and executive education in Finland and improve your management experience with fresh insight from one of world's highly performing economies. Renowned academics will assist your learning and provide immediate feedback to your business model and documented strategies.
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More about MBA Programs in Finland

Finland's business climate

High Tech BusinessThe steady economic growth of Finland is insured by a high performance in sectors like services, refining and manfacturing. The focus on the electronic products and information technologies integrates the Finnish economy in an environment of permanent exchange and knowledge update. The foreign direct investment and the international trade build upon the competitiveness of the Finnish economy in the global arena.

An efficient state protection of intellectual rights  grant the long-term success of businesses in branding and product management developed by young entrepreneurs. Moreover, Finland's effectiveness of anti-monopoly policies facilitates the opening of new ventures, especially small and medium enterprises (SME) in the innovation-driven sectors.

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MBA Programs overview

The higher education system in Finland is in a permanent interaction with the industry sector. The most recent research available is developed in practice, especially in sectors like the information technology, bioinformatics or chemical engineering. Entrepreneurs and investor concentrate on these branches to develop innovative products and a competitive profile on the domestic and the foreign markets.

Admission into business schools in Finland is highly competitive. Successful applicants have an excellent academic profile and relevant experience in management positions. The international faculty and the research profile of the institution provide a dynamic climate for developing business solutions and management strategies for the 21st century. The course offer in MBA programs in Finland is centered upon business design, leadership adevelopment, the business of technology and global management. The elective courses offer additional insights in the areas of pratical expertise chosen by the candidates. Upon graduation, the candidates will be prepared to deal with the challenges of the global economy and develop proficient business models suitable for international markets.

Executive Education in Finland

Executive master programs and doctoral degrees in business administration offered by prestigious business school in Finland bring together experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders from all continents. The executive education offers more than an academic recognition of the candidates' business experience; it opens new networking opportunities for the participants and allows them to expose new business strategies suitable to the Finnish or the global market.

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