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Italian MBAs in Finance

Finance is a critical segment of the world economy and the business industries. In Italy, financial professionals and executives can participate in world-class MBA programs with a specialization in finance to take their financial careers to the next level.  For top MBAs in Finance in Italy, browse the list of high-caliber MBA programs below and 'request information' to contact admissions officers directly. 
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Italian MBAs in Finance

Italy is home to some of the world's oldest universities and its financial capital, Milan, is a renowned center for culture and business. With multiple accredited Superior Graduate Schools, Doctoral Colleges and numerous other business schools, Italy offers world-class higher education in the fields of business. Specifically, MBA programs in Finance for executives and financial professionals are among the most popular academic and practical programs in Italy. Many of these programs are offered in English in order to cater to international delegates.

Types of MBA Programs in Finance in Italy

Business schools and financial institutions in Italy offer MBA specializations in a number of financial disciplines and topics, to suit the requirements of professionals across different financial sectors. Notably, common financial specializations include investment banking, corporate finance, global finance and financial management. MBA programs can be in classroom, face-to-face formats with some of the best faculties and industry experts in Italy. On the other hand, some Italian schools may also offer fully accredited online programs, to suit participants who will continue to work throughout their MBA.

MBA programs in Corporate Finance or Strategic Finance are some of the most popular programs for professionals seeking to bring expert financial knowledge to their workplaces, manage financial risks and apply their knowledge to company policies and fiscal goals. The curricula may include core management courses as well as concentration-specific training that are aimed at the understanding of financial instruments and financial markets. Topics covered can include corporate strategy, financial accounting, managerial accounting, business law, leadership, marketing management, international finance, management consulting and business planning, finance in emerging markets, debt instruments and markets, corporate governance and others.

Small and medium-sized business owners and enterprise managers can also benefit from an MBA in finance tailored for SMB environments. The latest management knowledge, tools for analysis and controlling of finances can enable delegates to participate in the competitive global business environment.

Other Executive MBA courses are offered for professionals working in the Banking, Insurance or Investment sectors in the capacity of consultants or top level managers. These may include MBA in Insurance and Financial Services or Financial Markets. These training courses offer additional skills and tools that are useful specifically in the insurance industry, real estate and banking sector.

Benefits of an MBA in Finance

Finance is one of the critical departments of any organization. An MBA in finance for executives can help professionals learn advanced financial management and equip them with tools for analyzing and controlling financial risks and investments. For participants, an executive MBA in finance is an investment on the future. It can help them to take steps towards earning higher incomes, advancing their positions at the workplace, achieving greater job satisfaction and living the lives they have always wanted.


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