Pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Dubai

MBAs in Dubai Dubai, the most populous Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, is also a global business hub and one of the main commercial centers in the Middle East. Academic and professional development opportunities in the city are extensive, owing to the prestigious universities and multinational corporations present there. Executive education is amongst the strong suits of education in the country, offering MBAs in a wide range of subjects including Finance and Hospitality Management. An MBA is one of the highest degrees in Business and Commercial Management, requiring professionals to major in a series of concentrations like Finance or Human Resources, which serve as proven credentials in the ever-competitive job market.
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Dubai and its Professional Opportunities

​Dubai’s economy is mainly dominated by the oil and gas industry offering several opportunities for employment in the sector. Over the past few decades, the city’s economy has been diverging into other sectors as well including tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. Owing to this, many universities and colleges in the city are offering higher education in Business Management with concentrations in several subjects including Finance, Accounting, Strategic Management and Management Information Systems. The city has a state-of-the-art, well-built modern infrastructure and also hosts the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, an engineering feat of modern times. Tourism and Hotel Management are among the most prolific sectors in the city’s economy, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

MBAs and Essentials

​In order to ensure promising careers, professionals often go for MBAs which increase their chances of recruitment and placement across a wide array of various organizations. Some common benefits of earning MBAs are higher salaries, greater career avenues to choose from, proven networking opportunities, increased demand in the job market, opportunities for extending a professional network and developing greater abilities for critical thinking.

​An MBA gives provides prospective employers with an all-around idea of the capabilities of a prospective job candidate. Oftentimes career professionals opt for MBAs after gaining significant experience in the job market, in order to make the best use of their MBA programs. An MBA places a strong emphasis on the development of quantitative and qualitative skills of professionals, as it uses a mix of approaches including lecture-based as well as interactive approaches to learning.

Program Content

​MBA programs usually focus on developing key business and management skills in students including quantitative, qualitative, reasoning, analytical, decision-making, problem-solving and leadership skills, all of which are highly evaluated in the job market. MBA curricula are usually divided into two portions, the first year of General Management lessons as well as other of concentration electives chosen.

​Some common concepts covered in these programs include leadership and business communication, data and decisions making, financial accounting, managerial accounting, strategic management, international business management, business ethics, planning and strategic marketing.

Training Format of MBAs in Dubai

​Prestigious universities in Dubai offer several flagship programs in MBA, which are consistently included in the Middle East and world university rankings. MBAs are offered in many different formats including full-time traditional MBAs, part-time MBAs, and online MBAs. Online MBAs give professionals the flexibility to attend classes and exams at any time including the ability to revisit course materials.

​Dubai is a land of diverse opportunities, owing to the presence of several multinational and regionally renowned corporations with abundant employment and professional development opportunities. An MBA helps professionals in advancing job opportunities and earning early promotions. Professionals with MBAs are employed across different sectors including business consulting, financing, banking, accounting, and marketing.


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