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Business administration studies in Brazil

MBA programs in Brazil merge an intensive education curriculum with a fast-growing market and an exotic business landscape. Courses in business administration attract graduate students and executives who want to explore the potential of the Brazilian market and develop their professional career on the spot. As one of the BRIC countries, Brazil offers a tremendous growth potential and new grounds to implement business strategies adapted from European or American models. Select an MBA program offered by prestigious academic institutions in Brazil and experience new practical insights on the business administration climate of the South America. The global interface of the MBA programs in Brazil will develop your strategic thinking for the business challenges of the 21st century.
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More about MBA Programs in Brazil

The Brazilian business environment

Rio de JaneiroProfessionals applying for MBA programs in Brazil are mainly attracted by the size of the market and its recent growth within the parameters of the global capitalism. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and one of the fastest growing manufacturer of goods and services. As of 2012, IMF data ranks Brazil as the sixth most developed national economy and forecasts a steady progress for the next decades.

Business education in Brazil

University cities in Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia or Sao Paolo have excellent education prospects for both recent graduates and experienced business professionals. International collaborations with universities in the United States and Europe expand the practical focus of the MBA program on more continents. Candidates can attend full-time courses, a part-time program or distance courses in business administration either as a degree exclusively offered by a Brazilian institution or as a joint-program.

MBA programs in Brazil follow the international curriculum, and include modules like general management, leadership skills, decision-making, risk management, always with the option to add optional courses that pertain to the candidate's interest. Language training in Portuguese for business may complement the MBA degree and take a step further your business plans in Brazil.

Networking opportunities

MBA programs and executive masters in Brazil are excellent meeting places for business professionals. Based on their common industry profile and development plans for the future, executives merge their learning experience with negotiation talks and partnerships. MBA programs typically include a practical component, such as field work or internship, which will ground the final dissertation of the candidate. Thus, the interaction with local entrepreneurs, renowned academics and business advisers will directly put into practice the knowledge acquired.


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