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The General Management Master in Business Administration is one of the most popular MBA programs, particularly among entrepreneurs. It gives students a far-reaching understanding of the foundation elements of every organization such as business including accounting, management, finance and marketing. Studying General Management in energetic Barcelona will give you access to Spain's highest GDP as well as provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime immersion in Spanish and Catalan culture. Browse the list below of General Management MBA programs in Barcelona and request more information to receive a list of programs tailored to your specific needs.
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Why get a GM MBA in Barcelona?

A General Management MBA provides students with the management skills and business knowledge needed to effectively operate organizations from finances to leadership and everything in-between. The program is ideal for functional managers wishing to move into general management or strategy development but missing critical training in key business areas. General Management MBAs are ideal for individuals looking to have a variety of career paths available to them after graduation. If you're unsure of which industry you would like to work in, or want the flexibility for your education to apply to different sectors, you should consider pursuing a GM MBA.

Pursuing a General Management MBA Barcelona will give you access to this resilient economy and your program will have access to insight from the skilled professionals of the region. Your weekends in Barcelona will be influenced by its vibrant unique architecture, late-night cuisine, and warm energetic culture sure to make your GM MBA experience a fun one.

Explore the Benefits of a General Management MBA

The main aim of a GM MBA program is prepare students for a managerial position in the many fields and industries of business by developing their competencies in leadership, risk management, problem solving and recruiting. The main focus during the studies may vary from program to program, but students should expect to learn about finance, leadership, marketing, operations and strategic management, accounting, and business ethics. This type of MBA involves rigorous training, a variety of assignments and group projects, which will purvey to you the necessary abilities to deal with real-life business situations and develop business know-how to successfully run organizations.

Turning Theory into Practice 

The General Management MBA program will provide delegates with valuable knowledge about all operations crucial to running a business such as sales, finance, HR function and learn to think strategically – how to translate ideas into actions, perform long-term planning and manage daily operations. These are necessary business skills that are needed to become a top manager.

Becoming a Business Leader

Leadership is a sharp focus in General Management MBA programs. Program’s delegates will gain a set of skills that is needed to effectively appoint tasks and coordinate work of large number of employees. Besides, the General Management MBA program focuses on the aspects of team-building which assures the delivery of high performance.

Why study General Management in Barcelona?

Although a Catalan city, Spanish is an official dual language of the region. You can dust off your Spanish, learn some Catalan, or use your English to get around the city. Barcelona has a strong economy and your program will have access to insight from skilled professionals. Barcelona is revered for its art, culture and rhythm of life, so it is sure to make your MBA experience a challenging and fun one.

What are the cultural benefits of studying my GM MBA in Barcelona?

Barcelona's streets will wind you past medieval Gothic towers, Art Nouveau sculptures, and the latest in Avante Garde architecture. Barcelona prides itself on being at the cutting edge of art and architecture and your walk to your MBA classes may well lead you past one of the nine world heritage sites in the city. Visit Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia which has been under construction since 1882 and the vibrant Park Güell situated in an exquisite nature reserve within the city.

In spite of widespread unemployment in Spain, Barcelona has weathered the economic downturn and boasts Spain's highest GDP and rate of employment. Its leading industries are chemical, pharmaceutical, textiles, automotive, electronic, logistics, publishing, telecommunications and IT services. Tourism is a strong industry in Barcelona as well and the city ranks among the top tourist spots in the world. A number of local and foreign flagship companies have become highly successful such as MapFire Group, Repsol YPF, Banco Santander, ACS, Telefonica, Gas Natural Fenosa and many more.

When you're not attending courses for your General Management MBA, you can enjoy one of the top nightlife cities in the world. Begin at a tapas bar and get your fill of delicious meats, olives, and wine. Then venture to a club with classmates or new-found friends from Barcelona. You may be kept out later than planned as many of Barcelona's clubs stay open well past daybreak. Each barrio (neighborhood) has a different vibe so you can hop a bus or taxi to the nightlife neighborhood that suits you.


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