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Business administration studies in Australia

MBA programs and executive education offered by universities in Australia provide a global exposure to the market trends, an advanced academic curriculum and  practical training in the management strategies for the 21st century. Business schools in Australia develop international partnerships with universities on all continents and support their applicants with excellent career opportunities in the area. With an efficient management of corporate brands and a sound bank system, Australia attracts international investors and entrepreneurs on its dynamic market, by providing a favourable climate to new business ideas. Find an MBA program, an executive master program or doctoral studies offered by prestigious business schools in Australia. Expand your business venture on a new continent in a sustainable market economy driven by performance in innovation.
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More about MBA Programs in Australia

The Australian Business Market

Sydney Opera HouseThe Australian economy is one of the world's most advanced, based on its highly performing industry sectors such as the natural resources exploitation, logistics, manufacturing and tourism. Australia's innovation-driven economic profile is reflected in a high pre-capita GDP with a high purchasing power. The economic networking with the Asian market, the United States and Germany make the Australia a competitive global player.

The reliance on professional management in all industry sectors and the flexible employment market stand for Australia's openness towards new business ventures and young entrepreneurship. The goods market efficiency and the quality-orientation of the local providers allow entrepreneurs to open a new business in a very short number of days.

MBA Programs Overview

University cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra bring together the international elites of business administration and academics. MBA programs are offered by centres of academic excellence in the Asian Pacfic region with a broad network of institutional partners in the West; among these, the Partnership in International Management (PIM) is the consortium of universities and business schools dedicated  to excellence in research and management training with the high education rankings.

The MBA programs include courses in general management, business law, finance and banking, and practical training in management for the 21st century. Renowned international faculty  provide the latest research insights and  inspire the candidates to continue their business administration initiatives in Australia or take over the local model and implement it in their home countries.

Executive Business Education

Professionals with a long managerial experience in business administration may continue their education with an executive master program offered by renowned academic bodies in Australia. The degree work and the final dissertation concluding the studies will acknowledge their business experience at a higher academic level. With a flexible pace of learning and great networking opportunities, executive education in Australia confirms the novelty-driven country profile.

Cultural explorations

Australia is a popular destination for business trips and leisure. The modern cities' architecture and the impressive geography attract tourists and professionals that want to seize Australia's mild climate and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The university cities located on the coast are also popular destinations for tourists and sights for international business conventions. Political meetings and business events of high relevance for the international market are great opportunities to get a closer look onto the decisions made for the future of global management.


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