Executive MBA Programs in Sweden

Study for your Executive MBA in Sweden, the capital of Scananavia and an excellent base for exploring the Nordics. home of the Nobel Prize. EMBA candidates will benefit from Sweden's innovative business culture has produced an extraordinary number of influential, forward-thinking companies such as Electrolux, Ikea and Ericsson. For a world class, internationally respected Executive MBA qualification, Swedish Business Schools offer extremely attractive and innovative programs which are suited to the focused, ambitious professional. Find out more about the wealth of opportunities at Swedish business schools and the EMBA programs available to you in the list below.
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More about Executive MBA Programs in Sweden

Executive MBA Programs in Sweden

Get your Executive MBA in Sweden at leading thinking Swedish business schoolsUndertaking an EMBA in Sweden offers an opportunity to study in a country that has proven itself to be one of the most truly progressive in Europe - in society, technology and business.

Sweden, the capital of Scandanavia, is the home of the Nobel Prize, and Sweden's innovative business culture has produced an extraordinary number of influential, forward-thinking companies such as Electrolux, Ikea and Ericsson.

How Swedish Business Schools Reflect their Setting

Programs at Swedish Business Schools reflect this outlook, combining academic excellence with cutting-edge learning environments, and leading to an Executive MBA qualification that is globally renowned and equips you for international success.

What is an Executive MBA?

EMBA programs in Sweden are designed specifically for executives, entrepreneurs and managers with a considerable level of work experience and from a range of industries within the private and public sectors, enabling them to distinguish themselves as they progress to the next level in their career. An EMBA awarded by a Swedish Business School is especially well-regarded internationally, broadening participants' perspectives as well as providing invaluable future networking opportunities.

An International Outlook

Executive MBAs in Sweden have a particular focus on strategies for success in a modern globalized economy. International field trips and visits from leading international business thinkers arm EMBA participants with the skills and knowledge they need to formulate efficacious global approaches, and allow them to gain a deeper insight into other business and cultural behaviors necessary for successful interaction with existing and emerging markets.

Swedish Business Schools Program Structure

EMBA programs at Swedish Business Schools are structured to allow participants to complete them without having to take time out from their career. This completely integrated approach allows for the implementation of newly developed management and leadership skills from the Executive MBA throughout a professional's time on the program, thus allowing learning and fresh ideas and strategies to have a positive impact on participants' organizations from the very start.

Executive MBAs with World Class Faculty Members

EMBA faculty members are well-respected researchers and business professionals from very diverse backgrounds in academic research and business - both from Sweden and globally. They are able to relate the specific needs and situations of Executive MBA candidates to real business situations, making them particularly effective EMBA educators.

After the EMBA

Taking an Executive MBA at a Swedish Business School gives invaluable opportunities for peer-to-peer networking which continues to be of benefit long after graduation. Swedish Business Schools ensure that they admit ambitious candidates from diverse and complementary professional backgrounds from Sweden and internationally, providing an outstanding opportunity to make lifelong professional and personal contacts.

Find your Executive MBA in Sweden

You will find a range of EMBA Programs with Swedish Business Schools listed above. You can compare programs and schools, read EMBA student reviews to find out which program best suits your needs. Use the information request form to contact the Business Schools in Sweden and they will send you more information about their programs.


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