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Executive MBAs are ideally designed for professionals with significant experience in their respective working sectors and who are looking to advance their careers and carve out a permanent niche for themselves in their organizations. Dubai is the business hub of the Middle East and is known for its exotic lifestyle and highly developed infrastructure. Request information to find out more about accredited MBA programs in Dubai free of charge.
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Executive MBAs in Dubai

Dubai is the most expensive city in the Middle East and also the 22nd most expensive city in the world. The universities and academic institutes in Dubai provide highly acclaimed education in business and executive education to professionals with an interest to further their careers.

Dubai and its well of opportunities

Like any other country of the Middle East, Dubai is blessed with oil reserves making it one of the largest exporters of oil. Other than the oil industry, many other professional sectors in Dubai which are highly profitable and high earning are trading, retail and tourism making it one of the highest growing economies in the world. Dubai has some of the most exotic infrastructure and touristic locations in the world. The education system in Dubai is highly developed and attracts professionals and ambitious students from different corners of the world for its acclaimed business education programs. Many multinational organizations have their headquarters in Dubai which offer high employment opportunities for professionals in different sectors.

The Executive MBA and its essentials

An executive MBA is ideal for professionals with significant years of experience in their respective professions, usually with 5-10 years of relevant experience. Many universities have executive education programs as a part of their flagship programs. An Executive MBA covers important concepts of management and business conducting across many important subjects. Some of the important concepts covered are:

  •         Business enterprise solution
  •         Corporate Social Responsibility
  •         Leadership and ethics
  •         Business Law
  •         Strategic Planning
  •         Economic Development
  •         Financing technologies

Executive MBAs have traditional formats with fixed courses and others can be tailored according to individual interests depending on the area of working and concentration. Typically there are 2 years long, some are offered in 1 year which are called accelerated executive MBAs. Some of the common majors or concentration electives to choose from are finance, management, general management, management information systems, marketing and business policy among many others.

Program format of Executive MBAs

As mentioned above, these programs of two years are offered in traditional formats with classroom teachings usually including internships and theses of preferred research choices. Many universities in Dubai have made executive programs available online to give busy professionals the flexibility to attend classes and exams at their own convenience and also reduced costs and tuition fees.

Benefits for professionals

MBAs enhance chances of recruitment for professionals and also make them stand out in a saturated job market. Professionals with executive MBAs get an upper hand in the recruitment scene due to their proved accumulation of skills gained through the course of study. Dubai provides extensive networking opportunities for professionals in the business world and hence serves as a good option to pursue executive education.


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