EMBA Programs in Maastricht

Executive MBA programs in Maastricht, Netherlands help professionals develop targeted business skills for the local and international business markets. The Netherlands boasts an advanced economy with connections to the European and international markets. Explore internationally accredited EMBA programs in Maastricht below. To contact business schools directly, 'request information.'
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Executive MBAs in Maastricht - Explore Top Programs

Executive MBAs are senior level management programmes pursued by professionals having significant years of experience in their professions such as 10-15 years. Maastricht, the capital city of Limburg, is located in the southeast of Netherlands. EMBA programs in Maastricht include top programs worldwide and open doors to excellent career opportunities in the Netherlands and abroad.

Maastricht and its professional opportunities

Maastricht, a developed economy offers many professional training opportunities for manager and aspiring graduates. The most prolific economic sectors of Maastricht are tourism, public services, engineering, business, banking and real estate. Executive MBAs in Maastricht are provided by top universities. These powerful advanced degrees help professionals earn jobs in various sectors of marketing, management, business consulting and advertising.

Executive MBA essentials

An Executive Masters of Business Administration degree is often considered the most advanced degree in the business and management field. Professionals who pursue this educational and career path find plenty of opportunities to advance their careers. Some common topics covered in these programmes are:

  •         Global management essentials
  •         Teamwork and leadership essentials
  •         Business communication
  •         Microeconomics and macroeconomics
  •         Statistics and regression analysis
  •         Marketing
  •         Operations management
  •         Supply chain management

Format of Executive MBA programs

Executive MBA programs are offered in a couple of different formats. The traditional classroom format is often a preferred format for its face-to-face interaction with fellow EMBA candidates and instructors. Online and hybrid online-classroom programs are also available and popular for candidates with other professional commitments. Programs are also designed to vary in duration, usually around 1-2 years. The typical offerings include:

  •         Traditional two year MBA
  •         Part-time two year MBA
  •         Accelerated one year MBA

Typically, EMBA programmes include case study projects where candidates can work on real business projects with their employing company or a sponsor company. The concentrations of the programmes offered include accounting, finance, management, supply chain, marketing, operations, human resources and other specialized areas of business.

The Importance of Executive MBAs

EMBAs are important for professional development, as they opens doors for professionals, regardless of their employing sector. From banking, finance and real estate to insurance, pharmaceuticals and engineering firms, there are many crucial reasons why professionals pursue an executive MBA:

  •         An executive MBA can help professionals strengthen their grounds in entrepreneurship as well corporate professions such as climbing in managerial positions
  •         Important skills in corporate client handling and strategic planning are transferred to the clients
  •         Soft skills and managerial skills are polished through these programmes

Career prospects for professionals in Maastricht

Big industries in Maastricht include cement factory, pulp and paper industry, insurance and mobile phone companies, electronic data systems that employ a huge number of people in these areas.  Professionals with MBAs and business specialisations will have a world of opportunities in the business industries in Maastricht. All the companies now need qualified management and administration experts who are skilled to enhance the businesses and generate more revenues for the organisations. Moreover, there are many contact centres and service providers in Maastricht that require professionals with backgrounds in human resource management and business communication. Maastricht is a booming economic hub and it is high time for professionals currently working in different industries to opt for executive MBAs as those will enable them to work more effectively and advance their career further in the industry.


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