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A Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is the highest academic acknowledgment of proficiency in business administration, which is addressed to executives that want to develop new professional approaches in a thesis-project assisted academically. The doctoral dissertation is grounded in the candidate’s relevant experience on management positions and theoretical insights from academic research. The DBA curriculum focuses on management strategies, leadership-skills and interdisciplinary projects, while the final project work will promote breakthrough strategies for the contemporary business administration realm. The business development premises grounding your DBA dissertation will inspire a new generation of experts. Choose one of the most prestigious academic institutions for a DBA program with international recognition.
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More about DBA Programs

Requirements for admission into a DBA

business executiveThe prerequisites of a DBA program include both academic expertise and relevant work experience in business administration – typically,  a graduate degree in business administration, MBA or Masters degree,  and experience on high-level management positions. Additionally, the candidate should have ideally started his/her publishing career in academic journals and participated as a speaker in conferences.

In contrast to a PhD program, the final project of a DBA program will develop new practical approaches to business administration that can be immediately implemented and suit the premises of the contemporary business climate.

DBA Program Structure

The first 3-4 semesters of a DBA program include full-time courses in areas such as management, decision-making and leadership skills in a global perspective. Research methodology, both quantitative and qualitative, will help the candidate structure his/her final work. The last 4-5 semesters of a DBA program are spent in individual research and constant meetings with the faculty. The 4-year full-time study will conclude in a final dissertation, which will be evaluated by a prestigious commission of experts.

Interdisciplinary approaches

The Doctor of Business Administration title will increase your work's visibility  in both the academic and the practical realm. Interdisciplinary approaches will make your work a true source of inspiration for professionals in diverse research fields, and an outstanding model of business competence on all levels - management, communication, leadership. By participating to international conferences and business conventions, you will be able to promote your project work and test its applicability in different environments. As a professional, you may further your career in the academia or consolidate your reputation as a business executive.


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