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In the age of seamless communication, companies seek out professionals with expertise in communications and the unique ability to help them reach more customers through various media channels. Analyze the complexities of communication and build strategies for external and internal communication in private, public and nonprofit organizations - Browse the list of programs in Communication below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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Key topics covered in a Communication Program

Programs in communication cover a great variety of topics related to different modes and intents of communication, including both verbal and nonverbal messages. Courses taught throughout the program will develop student’s ability to think critically and strategically about communication and communication planning. Candidates will learn how to use social and digital media in order to handle strategic and crisis communication.

Programs in communication will develop student’s skills in marketing and promoting organizations. After covering topics such as the use of public relations (PR) and diverse communication channels, graduates will be able to manipulate customers’ behavior as well as to assist companies on branding and advertising strategies.

An international perspective in Communication Programs

Due to the increased globalization and internationalization of firms, programs in communication put a solid emphasize on international communication. Throughout the program candidates will develop their knowledge in intercultural communication, organizational communication and international PR to understand the principles behind successful marketing strategies.

Graduates of Communication Program – professionals with broad knowledge

A degree in communication provides graduates with a broad range of career options. Candidates with a degree in communication are social and media experts equipped with diverse skills as such being able to pursue careers in organizations of various types and sizes. Graduates possess necessary knowledge that allows them to enter any industry and effectively communicate with customer target groups, the media and internal groups and individuals.

Exploring job possibilities

A diverse knowledge in advertising, PR, business writing and cultural interactions allows graduates to gain jobs in areas such as finance, PR, marketing, intellectual property law and business management. Such candidates can work as creative directors, digital production specialists, online broadcast managers and editors and work to promote organizations and increase their customer base.

Maximizing career opportunities

Individuals who wish to climb the corporate ladder and secure a leadership role in an organization will benefit greatly from an MBA in Communication. An MBA in Communication  advances student’s knowledge in corporate and media communications as such enhancing their job opportunities in different industries securing a managerial position.

What skills come with a degree in Communication?

Upon completing a program in communication, candidates will be equipped with fundamentals of mission and vision statements and become able to handle communication matters efficiently and quickly. Graduates will be able to successfully apply gained knowledge to promote and market organizations within various business environments.

Programs in communication progress candidates knowledge in culture, crisis management and social media to the highest possible degree as such enabling them to conduct analysis, interact with customers and understand various types of behavior. Such skills provide individuals with broad career opportunities in various fields.

Develop your knowledge in intercultural communication, learn how to use social media to attract new customers - become a media and internet specialist and apply for a program in Communication today!


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