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Product management relates to a product’s lifecycle and the appropriate investment of organizational resources to gain a competitive advantage. Brand management focuses on differentiating the product and increasing customers’ recognition of the brand. By completing a degree in Brand and Product management, candidates become professionals in identifying market opportunities, minimizing risks and maximizing revenues, and have the ability to closely work with top management. Browse the list of Brand and Product management programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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The importance of Brand and Product Management

Product management covers organizational functions associated with a product lifecycle, including stages such as planning, analyzing, production and marketing. This business discipline develops candidates’ knowledge in the most vital organizational process - namely the value creation process.

Brand management is closely related to the marketing department of a firm, with a main focus on positioning the brand in the market. By conducting thorough analysis and planning, delegates develop a solid understanding of the target market and are able to propose essential marketing strategies promoting the brand, resulting in higher turnover.

The purpose of programs in Brand and Product Management

The main purpose of brand and product management programs is to develop students’ global vision  and equip them with the necessary business and leadership skills to manage products and brands. Programs integrate theory, real-life experience from well-recognized enterprises and case challenges to provide candidates with a better understanding of brand and product management practices.

Key topics covered in Brand and Product Management programs

The central theme of programs in brand and product management is to demonstrate the link between the product and other organizational functions. Students will develop an understanding of various issues firms face during the development of product strategy. Functions that are typically involved in the process are cost control, production and marketing.

Programs in product management cover all stages of product cycle, such as development, launch, growth and decline. Throughout the program candidates will improve their knowledge in implementing business strategies by using the support of different organizational departments. The main purpose is to minimize risks and to ensure that the strategy is aligned with the company’s goals.

Brand management programs advance candidates’ ability to build and extend  a brand. During the program students will analyze markets, consumer behavior, distribution and media communication trends in order to frame a marketing strategy increasing brand awareness.

Exploring career opportunities

Upon graduation, candidates have numerous career choices in various industries, such as technology, healthcare and consumer products. Students are put in the spotlight as a degree in brand and product management demonstrates their expertise in different business areas including marketing, consumer behavior, media, competitive strategy, etc.

Candidates gain managerial positions in brand, product or product development division, enabling them to work closely with top management and increasing chances of international career development.

A brand and product manager’s responsibilities

Responsible for bringing value to consumers, brand and product managers will often meet with clients, partners, suppliers and other actors to gain an understanding of their needs and opinions. A brand manager supervises the market research teams and later on analyzes the collected data and develops marketing strategies. Meanwhile, a product manager is in charge of the entire product lifecycle from pre-development stage to develop marketing plan.  

What qualities are essential to an effective Brand and Product manager?

Employers are seeking out individuals with high potential and motivation who are striving for constant change. Candidates applying for a brand or product manager position should be prepared to accept a wide range of responsibilities, have outstanding communication and analytical skills as well as the ability to regularly travel.

Programs in brand and product management prepare students for strategic and operational positions that bring value in companies. Develop an understanding of a brand’s and product’s cycle and gain an access to numerous job opportunities with a degree in Brand and Product management.


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