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Student reviews for The Lisbon MBA

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If I thought I could do a lot of things in a small amount of time before entering the MBA, now I feel like Clark Kent, or the feminine version, of course. This MBA has helped me to manage my time in a way I never thought it was possible, never forgetting my priorities and my responsabilities. Besides, I have learned subjects that I never thou...
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One of my main goals when I decided to go for the Full Time International program of The Lisbon MBA was to broaden my horizons in terms of potential markets, since all my previous experience was in Portugal and I know that today’s leaders have to be global and must have experiences in different environments. The Lisbon MBA allowed me to have a S...
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joao januario
Strange thing I just realized: completing The Lisbon MBA was not what I had expected! I don't have that feeling of overwhelming joy and happiness after having successfully completed 2 years of hard work... I feel that I have just discovered a whole new world of opportunities. After two years of continuous learning and surpassing my own thershold...
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The Lisbon MBA is all-encompassing, thorough and unique with the Friday Forums, which are focused on creativity and on the development of inherent social skills in students. The Lisbon MBA sharpens and instills in students the necessary business, managerial, professional and personal skills to excel in the very competitive business world of toda...
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I chose The Lisbon MBA, because of its innovative approach to a MBA program, its fast growing reputation, its international opportunities, because it is located in Lisbon and because the return on investment just feels right! YOANN NESME, MEXICO Alumnus, Class of 2011
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