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8/28/2014 9:26 AM   abdouliejabbi

Scholarship under mba business school in finland

RE: mba scholarships in finland
9/1/2014 9:12 AM   SeatchMBA

Hi Abdouliejabbi,

You can view MBA programs in Finland here and for scholarship opportunities, the Finnish state offers a great guide on scholarship opportunities here. You can also contact universities directly to find out if they offer any scholarships themselves, which they normally do. 



RE: mba scholarships in finland
9/1/2014 11:30 AM   outi j
CIMO scholarships are offered by the Finnish government. You should look into it.

RE: mba scholarships in finland
9/9/2014 10:09 AM   Jan
I believe that bachelor's degrees in Finland are free to all, meaning you wouldn't need CIMO if that is what you will do.

RE: mba scholarships in finland
9/16/2014 8:46 AM   Geoff
Didn't realize that MBAs and graduate programmes were covered by governments in the EU - thought it was mostly for undergrad programmes.

RE: mba scholarships in finland
9/24/2014 3:49 PM   smart guy
You're right - I don't understand why everyone thinks that higher education in many European countries is free to people from all countries - especially costly programs such as MBAs. It would be a complete economic disaster for them to offer free MBAs to all of the Middle East and Asia. Citizens of these countries don't even get their MBAs for free - it's mostly just undergraduate programs (and sometimes masters) that are funded).

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