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11/8/2013 9:15 AM   Brijith

I completed BE ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION in 2013..Currently i am working as IT ENGINEER (NETWORKING& HARDWARE)..i am interest to study distance MBA or MIB..Can u please suggest proper branches with related to my job in MBA or MIB and also tell good distance universities in india... thank you

RE: Online Distance MBAs for a networking engineer
3/20/2014 11:10 AM   SearchMBA

Hi  Brijith,

As an IT Engineer, there are many possibilities for you in terms of MBA studies. If you would like to continue specifically on the IT route, you could persue an MBA in Information Technology, which usually specifies in IT management.

Other options that might be interesting for you are MBAs in Entrepreneurship or in Brand & Product Management if you wish to either start your own IT business in the future or move into the development and production side of the IT sector.

Unfortunately, we currently don't have any distance MBA's being offered in India, but since you are looking for an online course, it may not be so important where the university is. Here you can search for a variety of distance MBA programs. The University of Liverpool offers many great programs relating to the IT sector.

Best of luck!

RE: Online Distance MBAs for a networking engineer
11/15/2014 2:21 PM   msammm

Online colleges are on the boom since the last few years and according to a recent article published on USA news about online education it states the findings of the Babson Survey group stating more than 6.7 million students making up to 32% of total higher education enrollments took their courses online increasing from 6.1 million in the previous year. 

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