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There are many sectors that look for individuals with MBA degrees. Perhaps you are interested in pursuing an MBA, but want to work outside of a traditional business. MBA programs with a specialization in public administration will combine elements of business education and vital adaptations for the government and non-profit sectors. MBA programs with a public administration specialization may vary between business schools, but the general aim of a public administration MBA program is to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge needed to effectively and successfully work with various sectors outside traditional business. Individuals looking to work in the area of government, non-profit, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should consider pursuing an MBA in public administration.Please observe the list of top MBA programs in public administration located around the world below. Request more information to receive a list of program tailored to your specific needs.
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More about MBA in Public Administration

MBA in public administrationStudying an MBA in Public Administration allows individuals with an interest in working for government or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to learn how to apply business knowledge to the public sector. For individuals interested in policy, legislation and how business affects the production thereof, an MBA in Public Administration offers the chance to analyze and apply management techniques in the governmental sector.

A public administration specialization offers unique value to all companies, but especially to those working closely with government or in the public sector. Individuals interested in legislation at either the local, state, or federal level, should consider participating in an MBA in Public Administration. These specialized programs will teach students about how public offices operate and how business theories can be applied outside of the traditional environments. Because MBA programs in public administration combine both business knowledge with elements of public administration, the degree is useful for those who want to work in public office or operate a nonprofit organization. However, Public Administration MBA programs are applicable to a wealth of different industries as they are also affected by governmental regulations.

Public Administration MBA Curriculum

The curriculum for a Public Administration MBA can concentrate on areas such as theory of economic development, nonprofit financial management, marketing for social change, corporate philanthropy, sustainable development, and more. Coursework will also include elements of foundational business knowledge and best practice of other core business administration elements such as marketing and management.

Study Plans & Schedules for Public Administration MBA programs

MBA programs in Public Administration are offered in various study plans to fit a variety of schedules. Delegates may choose to study in a traditional full-time program or a part-time program which enables participants the continue working in their current careers. Additionally, delegates may find a distance learning program could better fit their needs. Regardless of schedule or personal obligations, there are a many different study plans and schedules for individuals looking for a specialized MBA program in Public Administration. 

Traditional MBA or MBA in Public Administration - Which is right for me?

The difference between a traditional MBA and a MBA in Public Administration has to do with the number of specialized courses the student takes. A traditional MBA program requires the individual to complete course work in a variety of areas concerning business administration. Thus, allowing the individual to gain employment in a number of different industries. A MBA that is specialized in Public Administration gives students the opportunity to tailor their coursework to better fit their interests. As such, applicants in a Public Administration MBA program should have a strong interest in public policy and working in the public sector. If you are having trouble deciding which program is right for you, contact one of our education organizers here.

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