Postgraduate Programs in Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy is known for top postgraduate degree programs in business and the arts. Postgraduate degrees from universities in Milan offer unique insights on the business aspects of traditional industries, such as luxury goods and the performing arts. Further, Milanese universities excel in specialized business skills, including supply chain management and project management. Browse and compare postgraduate programs in Milan and contact universities directly with the 'request information' function.
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Postgraduate Studies & Degree Programs in Milan

Milan is an excellent city for pursuing postgraduate degrees, such as MScs, MAs and PhDs. Postgraduate studies in Milan are characterized by traditions of academic excellence, where established universities provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in their careers.

Postgraduate study refers to the range of programs or courses that students can complete after completing a bachelor's degree or gained significant work experience. These are available in different fields of study and include the technical and commercial sectors, among others. Milan is a modern cosmopolitan city with centuries of history and art. These cultural resources provide an excellent base for development for professional pursuing postgraduate degrees in arts, fashion, economy and engineering sectors.

Opportunities in Milan

Milan as an industrial city ranks as 4th highest in Europe and is well known for its arts and history, making it one of the most favorite destinations in the world for tourists in Europe. It is also known as one of the most expensive cities in the world and is a major force in fashion, commerce, business, banking, trade and industry, branded as an “Alpha World” city.

The professional and higher education systems in Milan are one of the best in Europe, providing local and international students a wide variety of choices. It mainly provides specialization in the field of arts, fashion and design, industrial business and music. Postgraduate studies in Milan result in degrees that demonstrate graduates' skill and expertise in their respective sector. 

Postgraduate and Educational Opportunities

Arts, music and fashion schools are the most popular areas of postgraduate degrees offering different programs in Fashion management, applied arts, visual arts, performing arts and archaeology. Universities in Milan often draw on their traditional expertise in the arts, combined with their success in the luxury industries to deliver a business perspective on the arts.

Archaeology courses offer both theoretical as well as practical approaches to culture, examining diverse aspects of society such as the relationship between funerary art and daily life, social and religious hierarchies, and trade and commerce thus, making it a major field of postgraduate study. Master degree programs in History and Criticism of Art possess a sound understanding and create awareness of the history of art since the ancient times to the current day. Masters in Fashion programs offer students the foundational concepts. Most of the high profile people set the trends in most societies thus, providing students with the cultural influence as well as a glimpse of the business and styles.

Students from all over the world opt for business postgraduate programs in Milan to learn best practice in business management. They will also develop themselves as potential leaders via these programs, enabling themselves to advance their own skills in the field of business and management. As a key component, marketing is explored on an international scale.

Why postgraduate education?

Many professionals seek out professional development in the postgraduate sector. With a wide variety of programs available, the postgraduate sector is an ideal hunting ground for professionals in need of a competitive advantage.

Obtaining a postgraduate degree will enhance one’s understanding of the field of expertise and boost candidates’ skills in professional development and career opportunities. It will also open up other fields of expertise and help them diverge into different career progressions. An advanced qualification like a post graduate diploma represents a new step on the professional ladder or an opportunity to advance and change career path.

Career prospects for professionals in the Milan

Milan has been a well-known as a fashion destination and is home to some of the most prestigious fashion schools in Europe. Professional opportunities for graduates are in demand in most high-profile positions in the organizations and management departments, advertising and fashion, analysts and archaeology.

The tourism sector also plays an important role and thus, expands the opportunities in travel and tourism sector as guides, tourism agents and managers.

Milan remains to be one of the most important cultural, media and economic centers while providing various career opportunities in these fields. Postgraduate studies in Milan can be highly beneficial for professionals in terms of career development, infrastructure and cultural development.


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