Postgraduate Programs in Brand & Product Management

Postgraduate degrees in brand & product management help professionals break into a creative and rewarding career. Professionals working with brand & product management are responsible for refining, marketing and projecting an organization's brand, products and services to maximize profits. Find postgraduate degree programs in brand & product management below - contact universities directly with the 'request information' function.
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Postgraduate studies in brand and product management

Postgraduate degrees in brand management include master’s and doctorate degrees in brand management. These certifications increase chances of employment in the corporate sector and advertising agencies. Brand management is one of the most creative and interesting branches of marketing and advertising. It is the science of building an image of the brand and making a proper positioning in the market of the product and/or service. 

Brand and product management

Brand management is the essential function of image building for brands and incorporating the image of the company while executing various activities and marketing integration campaigns. It is the process of adding value to a company’s products and services by aligning them with the company objectives and goals in the long term. Important elements in brand management include:

  •         Co-branding
  •         Brand engagement
  •         Brand implementation
  •         Branding language

Importance of brand management

The only image of the company that the consumer has is that of the marketing campaigns and branding done by the marketers. This is done by the day to day brand building, creating positive reputation and a ‘likable’ image in the minds of the consumers. Some of the important qualities of a proper brand management function are:

  •         Making the brand differentiate from the crowd
  •         Increasing the recognition of the brand in the minds of the consumers
  •         Positioning the company and product as a leader
  •         Capitalizing on the market shares

Postgraduate degrees in brand management

Masters and postgraduate diplomas in brand management are offered in different concentrations. Some common postgraduate brand management degrees pursued by professionals and students are:

  •         Luxury brand management
  •         Branding and Identity Design
  •         Fashion Retail and Brand management
  •         Branding and communication
  •         Innovative designing
  •         Brand leadership

Degree content

Some of the important concepts covered in the brand and product management postgraduate courses and/or programs are:

  •         Consumer Behavior
  •         Marketing Research
  •         Planning and strategy
  •         Business policy
  •         Business communication
  •         Strategic marketing

Some important skills transferred through these courses are leadership, decision-making, analytical and communication skills.

Training format of the courses

Professional courses in brand management are offered in many traditional formats and online format. Many traditional courses are offered in online courses for the benefit of the working professionals. Online courses are offered for the flexibility to attend classes and exams at any time including reduced costs and tuition fees.

Career prospects for professionals

Branding professionals have variety of professional opportunities and careers to choose since the function is vital across many different organizational sectors. Some common job titles held by professionals in the brand management sector are:

  •         Marketing analysts
  •         Marketing researchers
  •         Marketing consultants
  •         Brand managers
  •         Data marketing professionals

Marketing professionals vouch for the fact that brand positioning and marketing is one of the most interesting and thriving branches of strategic management. For years, professionals have been intrigued by the psychological and strategic approaches to positioning brands and imaging values in the minds of consumers.