Postgraduate Degree Programs in Africa

Postgraduate degree programs in Africa provide the African perspective on the global world. These advanced degrees contribute to career prospects in Africa and worldwide across industries, including the non-profit, finance, manufacturing industries, among others. Browse and compare postgraduate degree programs in Africa here. Find your ideal program and contact universities directly.
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Studying a Postgraduate Degree in Africa

Postgraduate degree programs from African universities are known for their academic excellence and African perspective on the global issues. African universities offer Masters, Doctorate and MBA programs with specializations on a variety of subjects and with the aim of providing students with an African and international view on the world.

Africa is a vast continent that has been perceived as one of the world's fastest growing economies. Although some of its regions have experienced historical conflicts, African societies are full of exciting opportunities for growth and discoveries. 

Africa is an exciting and dynamic area to complete a postgraduate degree in. In recent years, the job prospects for graduates of African universities has increased dramatically due to the demand for professionals with an African perspective on business, the humanities and the technical sciences. Today, the African job markets are thriving and competitive, especially for those with postgraduate degrees in specialized subjects.

Postgraduate Degree Alternatives

Postgraduate programs are primarily research intensive, with practice-based program alternatives also available. These postgraduate degree programs are targeted towards intellectually stimulating research areas. For those who already have graduate degrees, doctorate programs provide an opportunity to engage in further research as aspire towards a career in academia.

In the developing regions of Africa, obtaining a postgraduate qualification tends to provide an advantage over those without postgraduate degrees. Available postgraduate programs from accredited universities include specialized topics, such as advanced accounting, business administration, chemical engineering, education, information technology and management, nursing, engineering healthcare and health information etc. The mode of teaching is mostly on-campus and most students are enrolled full-time for postgraduate degrees. Length and content of study varies depending upon different course disciplines and requirements.

Benefits of Postgraduate Studies in Africa

Completing a postgraduate degree provides graduates with clear and significant career benefits. The skills gained from a postgraduate degrees strengthen graduates' professional profile and stand-out quality.

Graduates gain a higher understanding of complex knowledge and strategic thinking , as well as expertise in their respective field. Companies and organizations seek out professionals with postgraduate degrees for top-level positions. These professionals are obviously desirable candidates for their advanced credentials, and the skills that come with them.

Statistics show that more and more professionals opt for postgraduate degrees each day. In Africa, the demand for graduates of postgraduate programs is high for international NGOs and development organizations working on an international scale. In the spectrum of business and management, professionals completing postgraduate studies in Africa will have an upper-hand when they apply for jobs. 


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