Communication Studies

Communication studies degrees are designed to equip professionals in analyzing, improving and managing communication in professional and/or personal interaction. Often, these courses are taken by professionals to deliver important messages and ideas to a large audience either on TV or through newspapers. London, one of the most popular educational hubs in Europe, has several academic programs in communication studies which are highly acclaimed. Request information to get details Communication Studies postgraduate programs offered in London and get in touch directly with accredited universities.
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Postgraduate Communication Studies in London

Postgraduate studies in communication deal with the essentials of human communication including television broadcasting and face-to-face conversation among other media outlets of communication. Graduates from these courses find employment across many sectors of entertainment as well as broadcasting channels, journals, magazines and newspapers.

London and Its Professional Opportunities

London is a global city in all aspects - be it in education, professional opportunities, elite education, entrepreneurship, commercial development, fashion, arts, finance, healthcare as well as the standard of living. London has some of the best universities and colleges in the world known for their premier education and acclaimed degrees wherein the field of communication studies are largely popular.

Postgraduate Degrees Format

Postgraduate degrees in communication are offered in many different formats to accommodate the working professionals and their busy schedules. Most postgraduate degrees are similar in duration ranging from 1-2 years such as the traditional 2-year postgraduate degrees as well as part time degrees. Doctorate and post-doctoral degrees in communication studies are offered in various communications majors of which are typically 3-4 years long.

Career Prospects for Professionals

Graduates from communication studies have diverse range of career options ranging from academia to corporate world. Many of them can even diverge their professional skills into entertainment business and work as reporters, television hosts, news presenters and radio/video jockeys.

Professional opportunities in communication studies would broaden after completing postgraduate degrees as they increase professionals’ abilities in analyzing and interpreting communication signals and vibes across different cultures and improve abilities in persuasion and verbal communication.

Many academics after graduating from Masters in communication studies join R&D firms as well as occupy corporate positions such as human resources managers, web designers, journalists, media managers, public relations managers, business consultants, corporate trainers and advertising executives.

London is a great destination for higher studies and offers postgraduate communication studies in several concentrations such as in the field of technology, intercultural, interpersonal, corporate, organizational, political, environmental and rhetorical communication. Over the past few years, postgraduate studies have been concentrated in computer-mediated communication and new media communication courses.


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