Business Programs in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a popular destination for MBA candidates. The business potential of  the UAE, which is equipped with solid infrastructure, natural resources and excellent business co-operations with countries the world over, encourages applicants to continue their management career in the United Arab Emirates. The country's multicultural interface and influence in the global market and the international trade ground breeds innovative entrepreneurship and leadership development opportunities. Request information to get details of MBA programs in the United Arab Emirates and establish contact with admissions.
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MBA Programs in the United Arab Emirates

The country's drive to innovation is reflected in the public and private education system. Business schools in the United Arab Emirates constantly develop new partnerships with business enterprises and other universities abroad, that ensures the applicants' international training. The global vision embodied in the course curricula offered by business schools in the UAE is addressed to applicants prepared to meet tomorrow's global challenges.

The admission process to MBA programs in the UAE includes an evaluation of  candidates' academic results, practical business experience and ideas for the future - via the application letter or face-to-face interviews. The course agenda of a typical MBA program includes practically-oriented training and field projects, that expose the candidates to international markets and their future competitors.

The United Arab Emirates' economic arena

The political conglomerate forming the United Arab Emirates is made of seven emirates located in the southeast of the Arabic Peninsula - Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. Each of the emirates are important commercial and financial centers that boost UAE's international trade and exchange with countries around the globe.

The UAE's oil reserves and their export granted the emirates' competitive economic profile in the long run. The state's economic policies are innovation-driven and supportive of young entrepreneurial initiatives, especially of small and medium enterprises (SME). In addition to oil and gas, the region is diversifying its economy with a focus on powering the cities through sustainable energy. The intensive collaboration between academic research institutions and business actors is made visible in the services sector - especially in the energy sector, the ICT and retail.

Consider an Executive MBA degree in the UAE

The executive education in business administration offered by universities in the United Arab Emirates provides advanced management training and up-to-date theoretical knowledge to perform in increasingly competitive markets. To allow candidates to pursue their careers in parallel, the curricula are designed as distance learning or flexible study. The networking potential of the EMBA in prestigious business schools in the UAE is evident - graduates have the opportunity to exchange ideas and business strategy throughout their study or via the alumni networks.

What you can do on your weekends

The United Arab Emirates have earned the reputation of being the world's playground. From artificial archipelagos built out of the sea, luxurious resorts with white sand beaches and clear water, archeological sites, and some of the world's best shopping and dining, you are guaranteed to have every opportunity for exciting or relaxing leisure time when you are not studying your MBA.


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