MBAs in Information Technology in the UK

MBAs in IT Management help professionals understand business and technology as they interact and co-exist. In the UK, being one of the world's giant economic forces, offers many opportunities for graduates of MBAs in IT Management. With such a developed IT sector, graduates of these programs will not find scarcity of jobs. Find MBA programs in IT Management in the United Kingdom here - compare programs and contact business schools directly!
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MBAs in IT Management in the UK 

Today is the age of technology, and professionals with MBAs in IT are highly sought after. These graduates are particularly desirable in finance, banking, engineering and management consultancy firms. UK is among the biggest business and commercial hubs in the world and provides immense networking and professional development opportunities in postgraduate business education. 

IT Management MBAs

As IT is integrated across different industries of the economy, becoming a successful IT managers requires higher education in business,  such as an MBA in IT management. An MBA in IT Management provides a holistic view of the organizational functioning and the necessities of effective business operations and company-specific rules and regulations.

Since many companies are streched across multiple sectors, but under one larger umbrella organization, they seek out professionals with a diverse and flexible mind set that can apply their expertise to different functioning systems. MBAs in IT are fairly specific and cover important technical concepts of:

  •         IT entrepreneurship
  •         Biodesign and functioning
  •         Data mining and Big Data
  •         Supply Chain Management
  •         New Energy Technology

Benefits for professionals

The skills transferred through an MBA in IT management can be applied across various organizations, regardless of the sector. It emphasizes general business concepts, the software development aspects of technology, telecommunications, decision support systems and business information systems. MBAs in IT open doors for professionals in different organizations and occupy positions such as system analysts, IT specialists, managers, software development, information analysts and managers.

Training format (program format)

Most universities in the UK provide MBA programs in different formats to suiting applicants’ interests and qualifications. Typical MBAs in IT management are up to 2 years long and taught in traditional format. They will often have internships at the end of the program, Some MBAs are available exclusively or partly online for extra flexibility and to enable candidates to continue working while earning their MBA.

UK and its opportunities

The UK is the fifth largest economy of the world with immense networking among the European Union countries and is home to several Fortune 500 companies and multinational organisations. It is the 22nd most populous country, with some highly acclaimed universities included consistently in the world university rankings. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, European Union (EU) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The UK has a market economy with major prolific sectors of Information and Technology, manufacturing, engineering and financing institutions and/or firms. Since the 18th century Industrial Revolution, the UK has been a major global force in the technology sector, being home to many IT firms and global energy corporations. The universities in the UK offer Masters of Business Administration degrees in IT and related subjects owing to the increasing demand in the sector.


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