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Hospitality & Tourism MBAs in the UK

The hospitality & tourism industry is thriving and provides excellent business opportunities for ambitious business professionals and entrepreneurs alike. With an MBA in hospitality & tourism in the United Kingdom, MBA candidates can effectively take advantage of all that the UK has to offer. Browse a collection of top MBA programs in Hospitality & Tourism within the UK below. 'Request information' to get in contact with admissions offices directly. 
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Hospitality & Tourism – A multi-billion dollar industry

The tourism and hospitality industry is among the most lucrative fields of business worldwide and encompasses a range of disciplines, services and products.

Contrary to popular thought, the hospitality and tourism industry is comprised of much more than hotel and restaurant operations. Rather, hospitality and tourism as a whole can refer to all aspects of the travel and leisure industries, including transportation, cruises, event planning, lodging, excursions and the associated products and services. As a business, this multi-billion dollar industry is highly dependent on both the disposable incomes of its target groups and the necessity of individuals and business representatives to travel and consume leisure services.
The tourism and hospitality industry presents a world of business opportunity for entrepreneurs and professionals in the industry. Whether it be an establishment, service or advancement in transportation technology, hospitality is at the forefront of leisure spending. Within organizations in the hospitality and tourism industry, there is a need for professionals skilled in business operations, management, human resources and marketing.

MBAs in Hospitality and Tourism in the UK

As a prime destination for tourism in Europe, tourists from across the globe come to the United Kingdom to spend leisure time. Further, residents of the UK invest in the local hospitality and tourism industry each time they engage with a leisure service.
The United Kingdom hosts a versatile assortment of MBA programs specialized in the tourism and hospitality industry. MBAs with a focus in this area are specifically designed to provide their participants with a comprehensive and active business education, within the framework and mindset of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Hospitality and tourism MBAs in the UK will provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the industry and in order to assure that each candidate gets the most of its practical curriculum, are particularly aimed at delegates with previous experience of hospitality and tourism. Some MBAs may further require delegates to possess a working knowledge of these industries as some modules will concentrate on very specific aspects.

Management in the tourism and hospitality industry is a key component of these industry-focused MBA programs. By focusing on best practice management techniques within the travel industry itself, MBA candidates become uniquely equipped to succeed in leading roles in the field. MBA programs in this field may also offer courses or sub-specialization in law and marketing for tourism.

MBA Curriculum Content – Hospitality & Tourism in the UK

Collectively exploring many segments of the tourism industry, the most general tourism and hospitality MBAs will include an in-depth curriculum on the services and products available to customers throughout the tourism, hospitality and travel industries. Participants will learn about the different types of customers and requirements associated with these groups. Candidates will also become familiar with the importance of local area knowledge, enabling them to approach business in a clear, informed and professional manner.

Opportunities available with UK MBAs in tourism and hospitality

Within the UK, the demand for graduates of MBAs in tourism and hospitality increases as this industry continues to grow. On the entrepreneurial front, graduates of these specialized MBAs are known for discovering the latest innovations to the industry and consequently, reap the benefits. Accredited MBAs in hospitality and tourism are internationally recognized and are effectively a gateway into this dynamic and flourishing industry.


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