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MBAs in entrepreneurship in Italy Deciding to start or run a venture in Italy is full of risk. A considerable amount of time, effort, and personal sacrifice must be put into making sure that a candidate's endeavor is successful. Some of Italy's largest cities include Rome, with a population of over 2.6 million, Milan with a population of 1.3 million, and Naples and Turin which both have a population of about one million each. Italy, host of the Roman Empire and one of the founding centers of Western civilization, offers endless and priceless opportunities to view ancient art, explore where emperors ruled, delicious Mediterranean food and classical music.  In addition, a substantial amount of capital investment is required to ensure profitability that often involves taking out mortgages or loans. An unavoidable fact is that the odds are stacked up against a firm’s sustainability and success, as eight out of ten businesses fail within the first 18 months of their operations. Attaining an MBA in entrepreneurship, however, may help delegates mitigate and substantially lessen the risk of failure. An MBA in Entrepreneurship offers individuals a number of career options in Italy. After completing the program, individuals will have the knowledge and network to launch a startup. 
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Graduates of the program are independent individuals so the most common career path will include owning a business or startup venture. In theory, candidate's can apply to the program with a team and start a startup or business as partners after completing the program. After graduating, if candidates are not comfortable venturing out, an entrepreneurship MBA is still highly valued degree that will qualify candidates for a range of business careers from consulting to business management in Italy.

An MBA in entrepreneurship offers the benefits of an MBA education with the added specialization of entrepreneurship that candidate's don’t attain from a regular MBA program. A specialization in entrepreneurship gives students access to curriculum in new ventures start-up & business planning, open innovation strategies, innovation management, and new product development.

After completing the program, candidates will be able to write an effective business plan for a new venture, develop an understanding of a firm’s growth and innovative strategies in highly competitive markets. Also, students will focus on how to manage innovation related activities at the managerial, strategic, and organizational levels as well as learn the relevant methodologies used in identifying successful new product or services ideas and bringing them to market. Most programs allow for students to brainstorm their ideas with seasoned entrepreneurs.

Some programs provide opportunities for students to pitch their business plans in front of potential investors.Individuals who benefit from MBAs in entrepreneurship in Italy are professionals looking to gain the leadership, management, and business development skills necessary to thrive in a highly competitive, globalized world. An MBA will open the door to many high-paying positions in Italy. Individuals looking to take over a small organization or family business will also gain from the program. This program is also well suited for individuals who would like to be an investor in entrepreneurial ventures either with a private equity or venture capital firm.  

There are a limited number of MBA programs that specialize in entrepreneurship in Italy, which is why an online degree may be the best fit for candidate's if candidates are not interested in the programs being offered in Italy. An online MBA degree in entrepreneurship allows individuals the flexibility to work at anytime from anywhere in the world. It’s best suited for individuals who don’t require an extensive network and need to understand the fundamentals of business development and leadership while being fully present at the venture they are involved with.  


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