Specialize your MBA in E-Commerce in Barcelona

E-commerce has revolutionized business and given small business a path to the mass market and mass growth. With most businesses utilizing e-commerce to sell and market products, this growing field would be an ideal specialization for an MBA student. As the second largest city in Spain and its positioning as a global city, Barcelona is an innovative harbor for new businesses. As an international and growing field, E-Commerce mirrors the economy and culture of Barcelona which has been a trade city since its origins as a Roman settlement. Request more information to receive a list of programs tailored to your specific needs or browse the courses below to learn more about each program.
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Why specialize my MBA in E-Commerce?

If you are interested in becoming part of the first generation of business people to conduct trade free of traditional brick and mortar locations, focusing your MBA on E-Commerce may be the path for you. When you join an organization after graduation, you will be able to offer your expertise in the field and help them conduct faster transactions for a fraction of the cost in the global marketplace. Graduates will leave fluent in management and marketing of e-commerce.
Strategic thinking and planning is necessary with managing e-commerce or online marketing activities. As such, MBA programs in e-commerce will allow students to develop analytical skills and foresee changing trends in the area of online business.

What Are the Benefits of Studying an E-Commerce MBA in Barcelona?

Hosting global e-commerce conventions as well as a professional e-commerce trade organization, Barcelona is no stranger to E-commerce. Department managers or executive heads in multinationals with their headquarters or branch in Barcelona network in digital business sector and electronic commerce in the city. Despite widespread unemployment in Spain, Barcelona has weathered the economic downturn and boasts Spain's highest GDP and rate of employment. Its leading industries are chemical, pharmaceutical, textiles, automotive, electronic, logistics, publishing, telecommunications and IT services. A number of local and foreign flagship companies have become highly successful such as MapFire Group, Repsol YPF, Banco Santander, ACS, Telefonica, Gas Natural Fenosa and many more.

E-commerce MBA Curriculum

The curriculum for an e-commerce MBA aims to develop an advanced understanding of the main concepts necessary in business practices including general management, finance and marketing, while concentrating on leadership responsibilities and industry specific knowledge within the area of e-commerce. Students can expect to learn how to translate all of these business skills into the online environment, as well as learn how to strategically manage online business activities. Specialized course topics in an e-commerce MBA program may include, Online Operations Management, Entrepreneurship in E-commerce, E-commerce Marketing and Strategy, and more.

What Are Some Added Benefits to Studying in Barcelona?

Barcelona's streets will wind you past medieval Gothic towers, Art Nouveau sculptures, and the latest in Avante Garde architecture. Barcelona prides itself on being at the cutting edge of art and architecture and your walk to your MBA classes may well lead you past one of the nine world heritage sites in the city. Visit Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia which has been under construction since 1882 and the vibrant Park Güell situated in an exquisite nature reserve within the city.

When you're not attending courses for your MBA, you can enjoy one of the top nightlife cities in the world. Begin at a tapas bar and get your fill of delicious meats, olives, and wine. Then venture to a club with classmates or new-found friends from Barcelona. You may be kept out later than planned as many of Barcelona's clubs stay open well past daybreak. Each barrio (neighborhood) has a different vibe so you can hop a bus or taxi to the nightlife neighborhood that suits you.


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