MBA & MSc Degrees in Forensics

Graduate level degrees in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Psychology

Graduate level degrees in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Psychology combine academic approaches from criminology, law, data interpretation, medicine and behavioral sciences to offer the essential practical insight necessary to begin a career as private investigator or criminologist. The MBA, MSc and doctoral curricula in Forensics are designed as applied programs grounded in real-life scenarios and reflect the recent societal perception of crime. The programs feature lecture series delivered by experts in criminology, psychology and law which value transnational approaches and build upon the crime regulation initiatives of international institutions. Select a postgraduate level degree in Forensics, offered as either Masters of Business Administration, Master of Science or research degree. Learn from the experts in forensic investigation and begin a fascinating career with a remarkable social impact.
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More about MBA & MSc Degrees in Forensics

Forensic investigation - Master degreesWhat is forensic science?

Forensic science or forensics is the science of proof collection and data interpretation that takes place in the context of legal institution and crime regulating bodies. Experts in forensics are the primary agents who intervene in the accusation process and work to provide or test incriminating proofs from a crime scene. Criminologists and behavioral scientists participate to the forensic investigation, by bringing the legal background and the criminal profiling expertise in front of the court.

Processes of forensic investigation are oftentimes dependent upon country-specific legal frameworks. During the last decade, scientists and legal instiutions stressed the importance of a fluent transnational cooperation between investigating agents. Hence, university degrees in forensics have become increasingly popular around the world.

What is Criminal Psychology?

Criminal psychology is the behavioral science that investigates the individual reasoning and pathological behavior of criminals. Experts in psychology work as consultants or associates throghout the legal trial to provide the relevant bodies with the necessary information on eventual crime premediation or pathological individual predispositions.

Master of Science degrees in Forensics

Graduate level degrees in forensic science designed after the classical Master of Science format include interdisciplinary courses in criminology, law, psychology under a research-intensive and practical aspect. Applicants to MSc. programs in forensic investigation are required a Bachelor-level degree in one of the sub-branches of forensics and relevant practical experience in one of these fields. During the one or two-year study, students will have acquired the skills and knowledge to conduct independent research and apply them in a written disseration. The MSc program lectures and seminars focus on strategic, tactical and operational decisions and the most recent methods of investigation used in today's criminology.

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Master of Business Administration in Forensics

Forensics have become a popular study choice among business enthusiasts who want to build a career in forensic consulting or open a private investigation venture. The specialized MBA programs in forensic investigation include in-depth knowledge of criminal law and procedural rules. In addition, the business administration degree provides advanced knowledge of management and leadership development skills. Like all graduate programs, the Master of Business Administration concludes with a dissertation or thesis that reflects the knowledge and practical skills acquired during the instructor-led study semesters and the innovative self-developed business strategies.


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