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Business administration studies in Abu Dhabi

An MBA program in Abu Dhabi opens a promising career in business administration in one of the fastest growing capitals in the world. The education prospects offered by international universities in Abu Dhabi and the cosmopolitan outlook of the city attract many students and business professionals in MBA programs that merge elite education with advanced practical insights. Graduate students and executives choose to study business administration in a vibrant city with excellent growth potential for all industries. Select your MBA program offered by prestigious institutions located in Abu Dhabi and experience one of the most culturally-diverse business communities. Your professional development is supported by renowned academics and with practical business experience in your knowledge area of interest.
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zayed university abu dhabiAbout Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest city and the capital of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), a city with a tremendous capital growth during the last decade, supported mostly by the soil resources of gas and oil. Investors from all over the world move or expand their business to the United Arab Emirates to find new local initiatives, supported by the multinational professional climate.

With a population of almost 900,000, Abu Dhabi is a constitutional monarchy with one of the highest per capita GDP in the world that offers support to local start-ups and encourages foreign investment.

As an island of diversity and a place of cultural intersection, Abu Dhabi has a competitive education system that motivated many Western universities to develop local partnerships or built own campuses in the UAE. Business education benefits from the close connections between the academic and the professional environments. Hence, every year an increasing number of students and business professionals start an MBA program in Abu Dhabi.

International values

University education in Abu Dhabi is governed by multiculturalism. Equal access to education, merit-based scholarships and need-based family support help all international students integrate into the academic environment. The career prospect of the business administration graduates look very promising, given the country's resources and the constant growth of the industry. Executives from the Western world choose to continue their careers with an executive MBA program in Abu Dhabi that also grounds many international collaborations and business partnerships.

MBA Programs structure

Most university studies in business administration at the graduate level, MBA programs and executive Masters, are taught in English. Candidates interested in the Arab culture and traditions complement their study with foreign language courses in Arabic. MBA programs are offered at both full-time and part-time pace, allowing a flexible career adjustments to the academic tasks.

As most international MBA programs, the courses offered by universities in Abu Dhabi concentrate on practical applications of the theoretical insights discussed in class. Candidates conclude their MBA study with a dissertation grounded in practical approaches discussed in relation to the international business practices or in the new insights gained in their host country.


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