EMBA programs in Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality business is one of the broadest service industries with abundant opportunities to explore. Owing to its increasing demand in the business world, many universities offer professional development courses in the hospitality and tourism field. One of the most demanding courses is the Executive MBA. The MBA is the go-to program for any business profession and are highly recommended for career development. They are designed for experienced professionals in tourism and hospitality who are aiming to further their careers.
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Hospitality business prospects-career options

Hospitality and tourism are undoubtedly some of the most profitable businesses in today’s business world, especially since many countries rely on them as a key part of their economy. Many opt for this luxurious career with an objective to visit the world’s most exotic locations and the lavish lifestyle. It is a very vast business sector and has a lot to offer to these aspiring professionals. Accommodation, restaurants, bars and travel and tourism are the most successful businesses in this sector. There are a wide range of career choices in this sector such as accommodation managers, hotel managers, restaurant managers, human resources officers and tour managers. Professionals looking to further in these areas opt for specialized degrees and MBAs.

Executive MBA offerings

Experienced delegates in travel and tourism as well as other forms of hospitality go for executive MBAs in hospitality management. Many universities even offer online executive programs for distance learners. The one or two year programs include seminars, workshops, extensive networking opportunities and assessments. One of the best features of these programs is the exclusive blend of academic and practical exposure.

Multiple Concentrations 

Since these programs attract a lot of professionals from diverse backgrounds, different concentrations are available: e-commerce, luxury services management, real estate development, general management training and entrepreneurship. In order to provide professional exposure, the programs have incorporated six-month (or shorter) internships and apprenticeships.

Benefits of executive MBAs

The value of earning an MBA cannot be undermined in today’s competitive world. Employers have set MBAs as qualifying criteria for recruiting candidates in any sector, be it science, technical or business backgrounds. Professionals seeking to travel across the world, learning different business cultures, languages and business etiquette prevailing in different countries, which is very much a requirement for the hospitality sector. An executive MBA gives the candidates a global exposure to the business world, since the world is converging at a very fast rate. Moreover, delegates with significant experience in the business (10 years or more) will gain some of the most crucial skills in management such as business communication, negotiation, team work, analytics and decision-making. Certainly one of the biggest advantages is the business and leadership skills the delegates will earn because of the constant challenging business assessments they will be exposed to. After spending considerable amount of time in the hospitality sector, professionals can opt for these programs to further their career or diverge into different sectors.


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