Executive MBA programs in the UAE

EMBA programs in the United Arab Emirates

An Executive MBA from the United Arab Emirates will open the doors to all of the opportunities that the emerging global economy offers. Masters of Business Administration program participants from business schools offering EMBA programs in the UAE will be able to obtain a practical approach to resolving real world business administration problems. A Masters of Business Administration will ensure that ambitious EMBA participants realize their potential as global business leaders. EMBA programs are designed to prepare driven professionals with essential skills such as leadership, business administration, management, and corporate strategy. Search and compare MBA programs in the United Arab Emirates, choosing from the list below. You can request direct assistance from the business schools for your application, including scholarship information, ranking and career development prospects.
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More about Executive MBA programs in the UAE

Benefits of Studying an Executive MBA in the UAE

An important reason to study for an executive MBA in the United Arab Emirates is the rich cultural life, with the region of Sharjah winning the award for the cultural capital of the world. Executives studying a Master of Business Administration in Dubai can enjoy a first class lifestyle with excellent shopping, exclusive hotels and many tourist attractions.

The UAE as a Global Business Centre

The United Arab Emirates has the second largest economy in the the Arab world. Professionals undertaking an Executive MBA can take the opportunity to be part of an important business centre with many investment opportunities. Executives studying for a Master of Business Administration in the United Arab Emirates will have the opportunity to network with dynamic business executives from all around the world.

The Value of an EMBA title from a Business School in the UAE

A Master of Business Administration from the United Arab Emirates provides graduates with a diverse range of skills, such as strategic management, marketing, financial management, business administration and ethics.

The United Arab Emirates' leading business schools have excellent learning facilities to ensure that students get the most out of studying for a Master of Business Administration. Studying for an EMBA in UAE is the first step to a successful global career with multi-national companies.

Find Your Master of Business Administration in UAE

You will find a range of accredited Executive Masters of Business Administration programs with Business schools in the United Arab Emirates listed above. You can compare business schools and programs and read student reviews to find the most suitable Executive MBA in the UAE. Use the information request form to contact the Business Schools and they will send you further details about their Master of Business Administration programs.


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