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MBA in International Trading
MBA in International Finance
MBA in International Business
MBA - Master in Business Administration
Global MBA - Innovation Management / Mechanics & Automation
Global MBA - Green Energy & Sustainable Businesses
Global MBA - Food & Wine
Global MBA - Design, Fashion & Luxury Goods
Global MBA - Corporate Finance
International MBA - Dual Degree Program
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance
MSc in Sports Industry Management
MSc in Management - Grande Ecole
MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole
MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing
MSc in International Hospitality Management
MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science
MBA in International Business
Online MBA Public Health Management
Online MBA Media Leadership
Online MBA Leadership and Sustainability
Online MBA International Healthcare Management
Online MBA International Business
Online MBA Finance and Sustainability
Online MBA Energy and Sustainability
Online Master of Business Administration
MBA with Global Supply Chain Management
MBA with Finance
MBA with Digital Marketing
MBA - Full-time
MBA - Part-time
Solvay Executive MBA (Fast-track)
Solvay Executive MBA
MBA International Management
MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management
Executive MBA Blended
Executive MBA
Business Innovation Programme - BIP
Master in Business Innovation - MBI
MBA in Oil & Gas
Online MBA
MBA - Design Management
Global Executive MBA
International MBA
Masters in Business Administration in International Management
Global MBA
Executive MBA
Master of Science in Management of Real Estate and Hospitality Assets
Master of Science in Business Analytics
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