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Online MBA Rankings

Online MBA Rankings

Online MBA Rankings - Where to look and what to consider

The 100% online MBA is a relatively new concept in the history of MBA programs, and while official listings of recognized online MBA programs have existed since before 2010, official rankings of online MBA programs date back to just 2014. As online MBA programs gain more traction and popularity in the field of high-end business degrees, these rankings have arrived in perfect time.

Those considering an online MBA program are undoubtedly spoiled for choice, with hundreds of programs available worldwide and a slew of factors to consider in the online vs. classroom debate. Among top ranking systems, The Financial Times provides the big picture of where to go and what to think about when choosing an online MBA.

The Financial Times Online MBA Rankings

2015 | 2014  | 2013  | 2012  |  2011

Bloomberg Businessweek Online MBA Rankings


U.S. News Online MBA Rankings


What do the rankings tell us?

Online MBA rankings categorize and arrange programs based on a number of key factors and like Global MBA rankings, these ranking systems are often done on an international level and programs must meet some preliminary standards in order to qualify for the ranking. Commonly, international accreditation and being an established program are pre-requisites for inclusion.

Rankings are established largely on alumni feedback and consider key factors that anyone considering an online MBA program should be aware of. From a value perspective, rankings look at alumni salary increases and career progress post graduation and value for money by comparing income gains with program costs. Delivery methods in terms of the amount of course content delivered online, live online class sessions and the amount of interaction between students is also considered. Gender and international diversity among students and faculty are also often taken into account, in relation to the business school's classroom MBA program. Ranking criteria will, of course, vary between systems,

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Last updated: 23 Apr 2015

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