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9/24/2014 3:50 PM   Serena
If a school is unranked, should I not attend?

RE: Is it wise to attend an unranked school?
9/26/2014 8:48 AM   SearchMBA
Hi Serena,

Rankings certainly play a role in many aspects of choosing an MBA program, but ultimately, the importance of rankings depends on each individual and their reasons for getting an MBA.

When it comes to getting hired or moving up the ladder of a large MNC, the name recognition of a top ranked MBA can take your career far. Additionally, these programs deliver business education of a very high quality and provide opportunities to network with people at the top strata of business, which can result in amazing future opportunities.

That is not to say that an unranked school is a bad choice. Quality is measured in various forms and it is very possible that an unranked school can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. For instance, many local schools integrate candidates' own startup projects into the MBA curriculum, allowing them to grow their business as they build their business skills.

The first step is to determine your career goals and whether or not you need the brand power of a top ranked school (and the high tuition costs) to get you there.


RE: Is it wise to attend an unranked school?
10/2/2014 11:49 AM   mba genius
The best schools are always ranked.

RE: Is it wise to attend an unranked school?
10/6/2014 1:12 PM   Pavaan
Rankings exist for a reason. The reasons you should always go to a ranked school:

The quality is better
They put more resources into their teaching
Professors are more established

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