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5/13/2014 8:40 AM   Mark

I have a BSc in Environmental Science and have been working as a Property Condition Assessor for several years. Would this qualify as relevant experience for an MBA in Oil & Gas?

RE: What is relevant experience for an MBA in Oil & Gas?
5/14/2014 8:41 AM   Diandra Silva

Hi Mark,

Relevent experience for an MBA in Oil & Gas refers to professional experience that is either directly related to Oil & Gas or in close relation. Whether it be upstream, midstream, downstream or in a related side sector, the key is having held a managerial role or showing managerial potential.

Your BSc in Environemental Science is definitely in the right direction in terms of education. On the relevance of your professional experience, it would depend the supervisory elements and specificities of the job role (i.e. how relevant is it to the oil & gas industry). Entry requirements vary by university so of course, you should enquire to admissions departments individually to be sure of each university's standards.

How many years of professional experience do you have?

For program ideas, here are some MBA programs in Energy & Sustainabililty.

Best of Luck,


RE: What is relevant experience for an MBA in Oil & Gas?
5/26/2014 8:32 AM   Mark
From looking into programs, I sounds like if you haven't been working in the industry for a significant period of time, you're not going to get into a program. My question is - if you are already working as a manager in the industry, why get an MBA? 10 years managerial experience is accomplishment enough.

RE: What is relevant experience for an MBA in Oil & Gas?
10/27/2014 8:54 AM   Devik Agarwal

Today Oil and gas sector is the most hot sector in terms of growth and scope both. There is no doubt that there is no dearth oof job opportunities in this sector. It needs dedication and knowledge to excel in this field. If you are really interested in this program, I know one great university which is offering many MBA programs that are energy centered like MBA in Oil and Gas Mgmt, Energy Trading, Power Mgmt.It is UPES it has great infrastructure and faculty to make skilled professionals in this field. So, If you are interested do check out UPES, Dehradun.

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