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6/17/2014 1:21 PM   Anders

Any thoughts on the University of Stellenbosch MBA in Cape Town?

RE: University of Stellenbosch MBA
6/18/2014 1:19 PM   Danie
Its a triple accredited university, plus it's in Cape Town, so it's essentially a no-brainer.

RE: University of Stellenbosch MBA
6/23/2014 9:02 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Anders,

The University of Stellenbosch is a fantastic university. Here are some quick facts to give you an overall picture:

  • It's a triple accredited university 
  • A full-time MBA as well as a modular EMBA are on offer (modular courses allow for flexibility and customisation) 
  • It is partnered with over 75 schools worldwide - where students can study part of their program abroad 
  • A diverse student alumni of 15,000. 
  • Incorporates societal leadership and corporate citizenship into its curriculum 
  • It's the leading business school in Africa - and studying there would open doors across the continent. 

Overall, University of Stellenbosch business school is a great choice, especially if Africa is an area of business interest for you. To learn more and get all the details straight, you can check out the university's programs and profiles here.

RE: University of Stellenbosch MBA
7/9/2014 4:40 PM   Hendrick D.
Excellent university.

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