Will an MBA in the US help for a career in the US? - Forum

6/5/2014 5:03 PM   Amir
Would doing my MBA in the United States help in terms of working in the United States later?

RE: Will an MBA in the US help for a career in the US?
6/12/2014 7:51 AM   SearchMBA
Hi Amir,

Doing an MBA in the United States (rather than in another country) would certainly make some difference in getting employed in the United States later. This would mostly have to do with the networking element of MBA programs - you should build a network of contacts in the place/context of your future ventures. For a U.S.-based career, an American network of business contacts makes the most sense. Further, depending on the program, content and teaching methods may be country/region-specific - being familiar with the U.S. market, etc. would also increase your chances of gaining future employment in the U.S.



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