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10/16/2009 3:51 PM   Loic
Hi there, I would like to do my MBA in Japan. I have heard the Schools there are top of their league and give excellent references for a future career. But do i need to have Japanese recognised qualifications to study there? And which schools are the best for internationally recognised qualifications? Please help, Loic

RE: Qualifications for Japan
10/26/2009 2:05 PM   Site Manager
post Hi Loic, thanks for your question. It's great that you're considering the details of obtaining your MBA from another country - these are vitally important considerations. For anyone contemplating taking an MBA it is important to be a high-achieving, ambitious student, and this is very true for MBA programs in Japan. Depending on the Business School or University itself, there may be additional requirements, but most schools in Japan recognise worldwide qualifications, and follow a similar admissions process to all other MBA providers. » Click here to see MBA programs in Japan Hope that helps, Your SearchMBA Team

RE: RE: Qualifications for Japan
10/28/2009 11:52 AM   Martin
Hi, a friend of mine completed his MBA in Tokyo - and had a fantastic experience. He said there was no problems with recognising his previous qualifications, the only thing he advised is although the teaching and material is generally in English, to get some language lessons either before you go, or whilst there, as not only do they help with integration, but the Japanese business professionals you meet will appreciate it and remember you fondly. Japan seems highly recommendable for MBA - and work hard, as the Japanese are dedicated to their business interests. Thanks, Martin

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